Amy Schumer Calls Out Teenage Critic For His Sexist Tweet

Amy Schumer paused for a photo with teenage film critic Jackson Murphy at Sunday night's Critics' Choice Awards. But it wasn't long before he gave her good reason to regret it. Murphy — the precocious reviewer behind the site Lights Camera Jackson — quickly shared the image of himself and the Trainwreck star to his social media. "Spent the night with Amy Schumer," the 17-year-old wrote. "Certainly not the first guy to write that." That's where the trouble began.
When you slut-shame Schumer on social media, she is not just going to let it slide. The comedian posted a swift response to Murphy's gaffe.
Murphy took Schumer's response to heart, issuing an apology tweet.
But it was Schumer who had the last word on the subject.
Given the touchy circumstances — namely, that she was trying to gently call out a teenager and hopefully impart some valuable insight — we think Schumer handled the incident perfectly. And hopefully, Murphy absorbed this short lesson in sexism and will express himself more carefully in the future.

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