Ariana Grande Charms On Kimmel, Shares Her Biggest Fangirl Moment

Ariana Grande certainly was "on" this Friday night as she delivered a charming and personal interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The “Love Me Harder” singer didn’t shy away from any questions — not even tough ones like, "What’s the difference between lip gloss and lipstick?" “The lipstick is a stick,” Grande told Kimmel, almost keeping a straight face. “The gloss is a gloss.” It was just the first of several revelations that made us really like Grande. Kimmel also covered other important subjects, such as the 22-year-old’s dedicated social media following — known affectionately as Arianators. “They gave themselves that [name],” Grande explained. “I originally was calling them the 'Ariana Army' and then I was calling them 'Tiny Elephants.'”
Grande has proven herself to be a true social media maven, with more than 35 million followers on Twitter and 56M on Instagram. That said, she doesn’t take her large audience for granted. “I care about them a lot,” Grande told Kimmel.
She cares about her fans so much, in fact, that she isn’t revealing the title of her new album until she lets them hear her new music. “A really long time ago, I was convinced that it was going to be called Moonlight,” Grande said. “Now, as we’re wrapping things up, of course, I’ve sort of been writing and singing and we're at the, you know, final stretch. Now, there’s this other song that’s thrown me for a whirlwind and I love it so much...I don’t know if I want to share it yet. [The fans] haven’t heard any of it.”
On the topic of fans, it seems that when they meet the Grande, they usually have three different reactions: “They either come in very confidently and they know what they want. They know what poses they want for our pictures. And they’re like, 'Yasss girl' — they come in with energy,” Grande said. “Or they come in crying. Or they’re the ones that are really, really quiet and their parents are forcing them to come in."
Grande revealed that sometimes, she is the fan freaking out. She shared a story about meeting singer Imogen Heap, who she calls her all-time favorite artist. "I’m in love with her. I’m obsessed with her. She’s incredible. She’s a genius. And I’ve loved her forever," she gushed. She was invited to eat dinner with Heap after performing in the United Kingdom. Grande thought it was a trick. “I was on my way to her house. It was a really long, long, long drive. Eventually, I thought I was being catfished,” she said. “I thought it wasn’t really going to happen. I was like, She doesn’t want to have dinner with me. This is all a joke. I’m driving to my death right now. I’m about to be murdered.
It wasn’t a trick. Grande got to meet her idol. She was so enthralled with Heap that she doesn’t remember what they ate for dinner. “I was actually convinced that I had died and that was like a dream," she said.
If nothing else, Grande’s interview with Kimmel proves she’s quite a bit like us. Yasss!

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