Loved & Lost: 11 Celebrity Break Ups We’re Still Not Over

Oh, the one that got away... that golden ex we'll tell our grandchildren about after a few glasses of vermouth on Christmas Day. We’ll sigh and look out of the window recalling the intensity, the innocence and all that kissing in the rain. Which was likely a consequence of not getting into pubs if your big passion took place in a suburb during your teenage years.
The 90s was a good old decade for nostalgia. From grunge to goth, hip hop to britpop, the brat pack gave way to wacky Hollywood misfits and everyone on the celeb circuit was young, beautiful and totally falling in love. Devastatingly, many of these great affairs came to an end. But in the name of love – for the love of love – we've waded through the murky, press-polluted waters to pay tribute, to [celebrity] love.

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