The Year In Badass Women

This year, we heard the word "badass" a lot more. Except it wasn't used to describe things like purses, dresses, or Kanye. It was used to describe women in all their boss bitch glory.
It's not that we've never had a woman like this before. You have your perennial badasses. These are women who don’t need to do much outside of living and breathing to show us they are fierce. Beyoncé. Jennifer Lawrence. Selena Gomez. Meryl Streep. But this year brought us a fresh collection of women who ran the game without even trying.
They aren’t all newly famous. But in 2015, they certainly held our attention in new and different ways. We saw women doing incredible things — or not doing a damn thing if they didn’t feel like it. It was inspirational. We’re into it. So today, we honor them.

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