Your Horoscope For This Week — Nov 30 2015

Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Make a list and check it thrice. Wednesday’s quarter moon in Virgo wants us to streamline and simplify. How many of those 'before the end of 2015' goals are really necessary... and which can we shuffle off into the January category?

Piling less on our plates means doing a better job with the tasks we focus on. Besides...we’ll want to have some whitespace in our schedules for more scintillating delights. On Friday the 4th, Venus slinks into seductive Scorpio, teaching us about the pleasure principle until the 30th. Keep that privacy policy in place! Secretive Scorpio wants us to keep it between “just the two of us,” not Snapchat every intimate moment à la Kylie and Tyga.

The weekend won’t be easy. Hotheaded Mars clashes with manipulative Pluto, making us all run hot and cold. Go easy on the game playing, stargazers. Minor infractions could be blown into major ordeals. Tempers and vengeful vibes will be easily aroused. For this reason, we should all do our part to #IncreaseThePeace by cooling down in our corners when conflicts arise.

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