Who Said It: Jeremy Corbyn or Kanye West?

It's unlikely that Jeremy Corbyn and Kanye West have been mistaken for one another on (m)any occasions. The Labour leader projects an image of authenticity and humility, asserting himself as someone who embodies honesty, empathy and left unity. The music mogul on the other hand, isn’t exactly renowned for his modesty, relatability or rhetoric. Often speaking about his ability to influence and inspire young people, West’s frequent, often nonsensical statements refer to his own genius, unique vision, and godly qualities.

Granted, Yeezy and Jezza have little in common, but both men hold incredibly influential positions of power and are constantly communicating with today's youth. There probably lies the end of the similarities but who said it, Jezza or Yeezy?

“I will go down as the voice of a generation."

(Answer on the first slide.)

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