14 Of The Best Back-To-School Movies

Remember the good old days when — as August inched along — you spent some time shopping for school supplies, planning the perfect first day outfit, and telling yourself that this was the year things were finally going to be amazing? Ah, the magic of back-to-school season.
Looking back, that tension seems downright quaint. With rose-coloured glasses on, it's all thrills and giggles, and dreaming about who your lab partner might be. Plus, there was always the outside chance that your school's version of Jordan Catalano would once and for all look your way. Our own school days weren't quite as dreary as Aly Sheedy's in The Breakfast Club. But, they weren't as fabulous as Cher Horowitz's either. That's why there's a back-to-school movie to match everyone's real-life experience, for better or worse.
While meeting up with girlfriends in front of your locker probably isn't in the cards for you these days, that doesn't mean you can't return to the nostalgia of high school: That's what we have movies for. Click ahead to 14 films that will definitely deliver on bringing you back.

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