The Best Foreign TV Shows You’re Not Watching (But Should Be)

British and American television is currently in a Golden Age. Little-known fact, though: Many of the most beloved, critically acclaimed shows are actually overseas imports that have been redone for English-speaking audiences. Homeland, The Bridge, and The Killing are all examples of international phenomenons that were made over for our shores.
American TV creators are increasingly looking to foreign programming for inspiration. While the remakes are great, there's just no beating the originals. There's also a whole slew of foreign TV shows that have yet to receive the adaptation treatment — and are definitely worth watching.
If murder mysteries in sleepy towns and the eccentric detectives brought in to solve them are your dramatic sweet spot, for example, there's literally an entire world out there devoted to that genre. Somehow the shows all manage to be unique and completely engrossing, especially those from Scandinavia that now have their own classification of "Nordic noir."
There are so many brilliant foreign series out there, check out the best offerings from countries all around the world.

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