10 New Netflix Canada Releases To Watch While Staying Cool This Weekend

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Let’s be honest: there are certain things that we all love to hate-watch. Whether it’s so bad, it’s good, or objectively subpar, sometimes a film or show doesn’t need winning qualities to still be a great watch. Now that we’re back to IRL movie nights, streams that would otherwise be classified as campy or corny, are best enjoyed with friends. After all, group hate-watches with live commentary a la Video on Trial can yield some serious laughs. Plus, they make movie nights more interactive and add a social element to your streams. So, next time you invite your friends over for a group binge, don’t limit your options to Oscar noms — there’s no shame in laughing your way through a hate-watch.
Still, you won’t hate anything in this week’s batch of new Netflix original releases! The jump scares in Fear Street Part 2: 1978 and the lighthearted laughs in Cat People definitely stack up as solid group streams. Read on for the best new additions to Netflix Canada’s roster.

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