Your July Horoscope Is Here, & These Dates Might Change Your Whole Perspective

Illustration by Stefhany Lozano.

The new moon that occurs in Cancer on July 9 gives us a chance to understand our emotions on a deeper level, and Mercury‘s ingress into Cancer on July 11 allows us to completely internalize these sentiments. Mercury in Cancer is not very vocally expressive, however, which means that we’ll be relying on people to pick up on our emotions intuitively without discussing them. Sensual Venus and action-oriented Mars link up in Leo on July 13, pushing us to move towards what we love. Romantic Venus enters analytical Virgo on July 21, making us think hard about what lifestyle changes we want to commit to — and the best way to help us do so is to be conservative with our spending. The end of the month gives us plenty of opportunities for reflection: The sun enters Leo on July 22, allowing us to lean into our carnal creative desires, while the full moon in Aquarius on July 23 will have us considering the next direction we will be taking in life. Mercury enters Leo on July 27, giving flair and drama to our words. Declarations of the heart will be bigger, so be careful about what you promise. Jupiter backtracks into Aquarius on July 28, urging us to fight against the outdated conventions of society and implement new structures — a transit that’s nicely complimented by Mars entering Virgo on July 29, urging us to think before we act. 

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