10 New Netflix Canada Releases Worth Staying In For This Long Weekend

Photo: Lifestyle Pictures/Alamy.
What we watch matters. Whether or not we like to admit it, the way we see the world can be shaped by what we choose to stream. Netflix’s latest drop This Changes Everything explores representations of women on-screen, with takes from Meryl Streep, Geena Davis, and Shonda Rhimes. With the end of Pride Month, this is especially relevant for LGBTQ folks. Until recently, most gay, bi, and trans characters teetered between stereotypical and problematic — that's if they were written into stories in the first place. When we see characters we can identify with, that validation equips us with the tools to dream beyond our current circumstances. It’s not the only factor that can inspire marginalized folks, but it counts for a lot. Audible, Netflix’s new doc following a deaf high school football team, marks a big step for deaf athletes being represented on mainstream platforms. But throughout the doc, we see the film’s subjects experience the impact of feeling unseen
If you have some extra time on your hands this long weekend, try adding one of these inspirational drops to your list. From This Changes Everything, to Audible, and the Obamas’ civics-themed musical cartoon We the People, there’s no shortage of uplifting content coming to the platform this week. Read on for more of Netflix’s newest treats.

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