Michelle Obama Knit Halter Tops For Malia and Sasha During Lockdown

Photo: Jim Bennett/Getty Images.
For everyone who took up knitting during the pandemic, only to be mocked by their close ones — think: wisecracks about Meredith Grey celibacy knitting and becoming a grandma at 25 — joke’s on them. Thanks to Michelle Obama, you’ve been vindicated, finally
On Monday, the former U.S. First Lady joined TV host Gayle King on CBS This Morning to talk about her Waffles + Mochi campaign, life after being the First Lady, and, yes, knitting during lockdown. “I have freedom to do the things that I want — I’m knitting now,” Obama told King. “No disrespect, but that sounds very old lady,” King replied. “It’s not old lady,” Obama insisted. “I don’t want you to come for my knitting community, Gayle.”
The former First Lady then proudly shared all of her knitting accomplishments: “I made Barack a sweater — a crewneck sweater — that he loves.” Though he hasn’t yet worn it, given the current nice weather, Obama maintained that he will eventually. Another feat? Making knit halter tops — a huge trend across TikTok and spring runways, alike — for her two daughters, Malia and Sasha. “There’s something special about that,” King said. “To know that Mom made this for me.” We couldn't agree more.
If you were looking for a push to embrace knitting, you just got it. Haters begone!

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