Your Horoscope This Week

It's time to give back. We get a chance to work for the greater good on Monday, when fiery Mars enters intelligent Aquarius. We’ll feel compelled to seek out ways to help others. On Tuesday, Mars forms a conjunction with taskmaster Saturn, a transit that makes us crave order. Channel that energy in a positive way by organizing your personal space. The Moon waxes into her first quarter in sensitive Cancer on Wednesday at 6:21 a.m. EST. During this time, our patience may be tested by roommates or live-in partners; it’s a good day to enjoy some alone time. Escape from reality on Friday, when messenger Mercury creates a conjunction with dreamy Neptune. We may find ourselves getting lost in a book, or connecting with our intuitive sides. Also on Friday, charming Venus makes her way into chatty Gemini, a transit that pulls us toward friends and loved ones, and encourages us to make new connections too. It’s easier to find beauty in everyday tasks on Saturday, as sweet Venus creates a trine with rule-making Saturn. We may find ourselves shedding our inside clothes and paying more attention to our wardrobes. On Saturday, lucky Jupiter forms a conjunction with transformative Pluto. This transit supports those who act selflessly, making it a good day to use our gifts to support others. 

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