During The Full Pink Moon In Libra, Let Pleasure Be Your Guide

Photo: Getty Images.
This Friday brings us an astrological event known as the Pink Moon — but the moon won’t actually be pink. The full moon gets a different name each month (based on Algonquin naming traditions), and a full moon in April is called a Pink Moon.
According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, the Pink Moon earned its name because it coincides with the appearance of flowers called wild ground phlox, known as “moss pink" for their colour. The Pink Moon gets a much cuter name than a full moon in March, which is known as the Worm Moon.
In astrology, this full moon appears in Libra, and "it is our second full moon in Libra this Aries season,” explains Gabriela Herstik, author of Inner Witch: A Modern Guide To The Ancient Craft.
However, she adds, all full moons are special. “Full moons represent the energetic peak of the month, when our intuition is on high and we can manifest and tap into our magick with more ease than usual,” Herstik explains. “In Libra, this Moon takes on a romantic twist; ruled by Venus, this is a sign that’s all about collaboration, romance, pleasure and justice.”
Full moons also have another significance, no matter what sign they appear in. “Full moons represent the end of a cycle and completion, and this feels especially true for our second Libra full moon,” Herstik says. “So expect the unexpected, especially with the way you relate to and communicate with others.”
Because the Pink Moon is in romantic Libra, this Friday night is a time for pleasure. “If you’re looking to dive deeper into this full moon energy, my suggestion is to let pleasure be your guide,” says Herstik. “This is a good time for ritual baths with Epsom salts and candles, it’s a good time for sex magick and using your orgasms to manifest, it’s a good time to seduce yourself, to go out dancing, or to spend time writing yourself a love letter. Libra is a romantic and wants us to get in touch with our hearts. We can use this full moon to do just that."

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