You’re Fired: 7 Aussie Women On Getting Sacked

Person who was fired holding a box of their things.
I was let go from a job a few years back. Despite it having a laundry list of toxic traits, it still bummed me out that I was fired. You go through a lot of mixed emotions when you're made redundant — how can you not, when the word itself makes you feel like you're useless and unneeded?
There's none of that nice closure (or triumphant upper hand, however you choose to see it) you get with resigning. Instead, the card is drawn for you and it often causes a mixed bag of emotions; anger, sadness, frustration, and confusion, to name just a few.
There's still taboo around being fired, so we thought we'd open up our lines to Refinery29 Australia readers to hear about their own experiences of being let go. Here, seven women tell us about how it all went down — and how they bounced back from it.
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