The Brutal Truth About What Each Star Sign Needs To Be Happy In Love, Career & Friendship

The following is an edited exclusive extract from Matt Galea's book How To Spot The (Star) Signs. Published with permission.
As the stars align and planets dance in the cosmic ballet, each of us is guided by the unique energies bestowed upon us at the moment of our birth. In the language of astrology, our star signs reveal not only our personality traits but also how we operate in all facets of our lives, from our romantic relationships to work and friendship.
Many of us tend to mask what we really want out of life, perhaps for fear of being judged, or jinxing what we actually want coming to fruition. As an astrologer, I believe that the universe has a profound plan for each of us, and through the lens of astrology, we can unravel the mysteries that guide us on our cosmic quest for joy and success. Discover the truth about what makes each star sign's heart sing, career thrive, and friendships flourish, guided by the ancient wisdom of the stars.


What Aries really wants in love

Love is yet another challenge that Aries will surely ace. They’ve carved out a killer career, appointed themselves as the leader of their family, and they dominate their social circles. They don’t need a relationship, but they do need another outlet for their competitive edge. They want to meet their match, someone who will be down for last-minute adventures; someone to have heated debates with in the morning as they scroll through their timeline and see what’s transpired overnight. Aries wants someone that can call them out on their bullshit and equally, someone they can call out on theirs. Aries believes that dating shouldn’t be all that complicated, so they dive into it headfirst in search of someone who will pass their vibe check.

What Aries really wants in their career

To show everyone who’s boss. It’s pretty much only a matter of time before Aries becomes top dog at work, with their strong work ethic and take-charge attitude. They know they’ll be calling the shots one day because they’re destined to become leaders, so until then, they absolutely kill it at work to earn that inevitable promotion. They have boundless energy pent up inside them, and they need to let it out daily or they'll implode. They love to get their blood pumping, smash out goals and watch their hard work convert into big bucks. They don’t want their career to define them — they’re so much more than any one job. But when they go to bed at night, they want to be able to say to themselves ‘I kicked arse today.’

What Aries really wants in their friendships

People to do shit with. Hotwired Aries peeps get bored super easily and they generally don’t like to do things alone, so they want several crews of mates they can call upon when the urge for adventure strikes. Notice how I said crews, plural? That’s because Aries tends to be the wildcard friend who flits in and out of multiple groups. When they feel like they’re no longer in the driver’s seat in one group chat, they’ll switch it up and jump into another one. They’re absolutely committed to all their mates, but they intentionally maintain friendships with a variety of people who serve different purposes. They have their foodie friends, their club-hopping friends, their travel friends, their workout friends and so on.


What Taurus really wants in love

Someone to keep them company while they hole up at home. Although it’s true that Taureans don't particularly like most humans and would prefer to hide away all by themselves, safe from other people’s nonsense, they’re also big softies at heart and don’t do well on their lonesome. They’re looking for that special someone who will argue with them over which lover the protagonist should’ve ended up with on their favourite show, someone who will take one for the team and make the late-night voyage to the freezer to grab another scoop of ice cream and someone to snuggle with during the cold winter months while everyone is out partying. They want human interaction, but on their own terms.

What Taurus really wants in their career

A company to fund their exxy spending habits. Taurus is one of the hardest-working signs of the zodiac, and always guaranteed to bring results. But while they put 1000 per cent into everything they do, they’re the least likely to become married to their job. They get in, get their shit done, grab that pay cheque, and go spend it. Since they hate change, Taureans usually stick it out at the same job longer than anyone else would, even when they start to hate it. They definitely go by the ‘Better the devil you know’ mantra. Believe me, if they could retire now and live a life of leisure, they would. But being the realists that they are, they know they have to keep showing up in order to provide as grand a life as possible.

What Taurus really wants in friendships

Someone who will match their energy and do literally anything for them, because lord knows, they would do anything for you. They want their loyalty and dedication to be reciprocated. Too often, they devote themselves to people who turn out to be flaky friends and they’ve come to resent it. That said, it’s kind of unfair for them to put such heavy expectations on others. Deep down, they know that no one will be able to reach their high standards, but that doesn’t stop them from hoping. But more than anything, they just want another foodie companion who will join them on their quest to find the world’s fluffiest pancakes.


What Gemini really wants in love

A wild, torrid love affair of their own. They spend so much time and energy dishing about other people, but they want to have their own spicy stories to tell. They don’t want to be talked about, per se – they’d always prefer to spread the goss rather than be the focus of it – but they want to add a love interest to the bonkers story that is their life. They enter relationships purely for entertainment value when they want to shake shit up and keep life interesting. They’re especially keen on people with fascinating back stories or folks who differ from the norm and bring something new to the table. These open-minded peeps are bored shitless with their current sitch and want to spice things up with a whole new perspective.

What Taurus really wants in their career

An inexhaustible source of tea. There’s only so much goss they can gather from their roommates, family and friends – they need more. MORE. And what better place to turn to for hot goss than their workplace, where emotions are always running high? More than that, they love the community atmosphere that comes with employment. Geminis tend to become besties with their colleagues while simultaneously annoying people by talking too much. They’ve had ‘strong people skills’ on their résumé from the get-go, and unlike other claims they might rattle off in job interviews, this one isn’t a lie.

What Gemini really wants in friendships

A crew of informants who will tag along to parties and events, assisting in gathering information. Geminis collect friends like trophies. They need a power posse who will sit in the corner with them, wearing matching dark sunglasses and sipping a flute of bubbles while gossiping about everyone else in the room. They want insightful pals to add to their group chat where no topic is off-limits. They want their cup to runneth over with tea on the daily. You’ll need to be available to answer their calls, listen to their frequent voice notes and respond to their group chat updates at all hours. Geminis prize their friends above literally everyone else in their lives, and they’ll expect the same of you. A voice memo from a Gemini is truly something to behold.


What Cancer really wants in love

Proof that it really exists. They’re hopeless romantics who will always believe in love, no matter how many times their break-ups have provided evidence to the contrary. But they’d like some damn proof that the happily ever after they’ve spent their life fantasising about is more than just that – a fantasy. That’s why they don’t need grand gestures or lavish gifts. Leaving a note at their place with some sweet words carries far more weight than sending a large bouquet of flowers (although they’ll never say no!). They’re craving commitment. They’re horny for hope. They’re thirsty for holding hands in public. They want to know they haven’t wasted their time waiting for someone who’s never going to show up.

What Cancer really wants in their career

Validation in their skills and abilities. They know they’re hard-arse workers. They know they’ve got talents up the wazoo. They know they’re an absolute asset to any workplace and employers would be lucky to have them. But they require the external reassurance of a regular paycheque and an employer to pat them on the back when they’ve done a killer job. There’s nothing they hate more than giving all their time and energy to an employer who doesn’t see the effort they’re putting in. Cancers are incredibly loyal workers who bring immaculate vibes to any workplace. They spread the love to all their colleagues and make them feel secure and protected. They especially love roles where they can guide and nurture others. But this gentle and empathic sign simply cannot exist in a toxic environment. When they don’t feel appreciated, when their needs aren’t being met, they’ll cut their losses and find somewhere that does appreciate them.

What Cancer really wants in their friendships

Someone to remind them that everything is going to be okay. Cancers require constant reassurance and a comforting pat on the back when they’re feeling lost and insecure (which is often). They want you to drop heart eyes on their Instagram Stories, check in on them throughout the week and join them for therapeutic sleepovers complete with cheesy pizza and even cheesier movies. Cancers crave intimacy and connection wherever they can get it, including – or especially – from their friendships. In fact, they know that there are certain needs that only a friend can meet that a partner cannot. Cancerians believe they were put on this earth to find their soulmates so you spend your days vibing together, and if they’ve found that in you, then it’ll become their mission to make you feel like the most special person on the planet.


What Leo really wants in love

To become part of a power couple that makes everyone jealous. They’ve pretty much got it all on their own, but they dream of joining forces with an equally powerful person, one who will be there to drop compliments around the clock. Yes, they believe love is having someone there to gas them up 24/7. Someone to hand out daily affirmations, telling them how brilliant they are. But at the same time, they expect their partner to be self-confident and self-contained enough that they don’t have to constantly do the same in return. They want someone they can swan around with in public and show off to the masses. When they leave the house every morning, they double-check that they’ve brought everything: phone, keys, wallet, partner! They care a great deal about what everyone thinks of who they’re dating, so they want someone who’s loved by all. They want to be everyone’s definition of a perfect, goals-worthy couple. They’re looking for a relationship so epic and iconic that it’ll be romanticised for years, and probably even become the inspiration for a romance novel someday.

What Leo really wants in their career

To become the boss. They love telling people what to do and believe they were born to sit in the boss’ chair. Leos are domineering by nature and they channel this at work, even when they’re not in a position of power, ‘cos they know they’ll get there one day so they might as well get warmed up. They’re also bursting at the seams with creative ideas and need additional ways to channel that creativity other than their outfits. This is why Leos usually end up in creative roles – and if they don’t, they’ll damn well find ways to make their job creative by bringing a sense of style and flair to everything they do. Of course, work is also their meal ticket for buying luxurious holidays and overpriced beauty products, although if it were up to them they’d charge those prods to the company because looking that good should be a business expense.

What Leo really wants in their friendships

A posse of pals to follow them in life and on social media. Leos don’t do well on their own and need constant reassurance from a dedicated crew of devotees. They carefully curate their inner circle so that it’s filled with A) the hottest hotties around and B) a parade of people who will provide them with round-the-clock validation. Which is exactly why it’s your job as the pal of a Leo to bring them back down to earth when they disappear up their own arse. Sometimes they need to be reminded that having the most followers isn’t a personality trait. That said, the greatest way to measure whether a Leo is fond of you is to suss out if you ever feature on their social media. If you make it to their Instagram Story, then you’re a worthy comrade. If you make to their grid, that’s pretty much bestie status. Just don’t expect it to be a flattering photo. Leos are absolute fiends for posting pics where they look $1000 and you look $10 at best.


What Virgo really wants in love

To complete the list of life achievements that they set for themselves many years ago. When it comes to relationships, Virgos are fairly cynical. Well, not so much cynical, but realistic. They know they’re never going to meet someone who ticks every box, but they at least want someone who ticks most of the boxes, so they’ll keep looking until they find that person. When it comes to cleanliness and work ethic, their standards are impossibly high, so of course they’re equally high in dating. The world is so chaotic, which frightens them to no end, so they want someone who will be a calm away from the chaos. Someone to convince them that the world isn’t going to crumble if things don’t go to plan.

What Virgo really wants in their career

To take the office home with them. As one of the hardest-working signs, business is extremely personal to Virgos. They’ve been known to talk shop all day long. When discussing work with others, even in a social setting, they can become quite heated and competitive, but if nothing else, their passion is infectious. Just remember that at the end of the day, the one they’re really in competition with is themselves. They want to prove to themselves that they can beat their own PBs and come out on top. They don’t need constant praise and adoration, they’re not attention hogs and don’t do things for the glory. But they do want to feel needed, and appreciated for all the hard work they’ve put in.

What Virgo really wants in their friendships

Little pet projects that they can work on to keep themselves busy. Virgos task themselves with helping their nearest and dearest edit parts of their lives that they may not even want changed. They’re not shy about telling you every single one of your flaws. Although this may feel like an attack, in their mind, they’re just helping you improve yourself and live your best life. They’re completely oblivious to the fact that some are perfectly happy going through life with several hairs out of place and absolutely no sticky labels on their stuff. They can seem critical, and often even judgmental, but if it makes you feel any better, they’re placing those same criticisms and judgements on themselves. Bearing the brunt of it is part and parcel when it comes to being the pal of a Virgo. At the end of the day, their fussing comes from a place of love. They care very deeply for their mates and would do absolutely anything to help you, even if said help risks pissing you off.


What Libra really wants in love

For their life to be like an IRL fairytale. They want to be swept off their feet by their Prince/Princess Charming and ride off into the sunset in eternal bliss. Libra wants someone who will adorn them with lush gifts, make them feel special and frequently tell them how pretty they are. They just love love, and want someone who loves love as much as they do so they can experience it to its full extent. They hate being alone and are sometimes afraid that their free-spirited vibe will result in them being single forever. Even if they know the person they’re currently with isn’t a forever thing, they still like to pretend, at least temporarily, that they’ve found their happily ever after.

What Libra really wants in their career

To cure their boredom. Since they can’t stand to be bored even for a second, they tend to find sick gigs that they look forward to going to. Having a job that affords them a work–life balance is a MUST. They want to work hard, but play just as hard, if not harder. They’re not shy about chucking a sickie after a wild night out with their mates, but they’ll make up for it when they return. They also view work as an additional social hangout where they can meet a diverse range of peeps to add to their growing list of pals. They have killer sartorial and design skills, but they need a proper outlet to channel them or they’ll be wasted, lingering in their Libran brain. That’s why they seek out employment to put their powers to use.

What Libra really wants in their friendships

Human connection from as many humans as possible. Although Librans love to vibe alone, their vibration is even stronger when they’re with their mates, and whoa, do they have plenty of them. They’re so damn magnetic, they’re always pulling new pals into their bright and shiny orbit. People can’t help but crave being besties with a Libra the second they meet them. Librans have a hierarchy of mates, ranging from base-level pals who they met in club bathrooms and at that one camp in Year 12 to thick as thieves, ride-or-dies. They’re not fussed about having a fuck ton of Instagram followers, they just want lots of people around all the time.


What Scorpio really wants in love

The human equivalent of putty; someone they can sink their fingers into and mould and manipulate into any shape they desire. They want someone who will be there for them every single second of the day. Every. Single. Second. But they also require alone time. To be with a Scorpio is to dance the line between giving 1000 per cent love and attention and also knowing when to give them space. You see, Scorpios are complicated creatures who like to give the impression that they’re tough and soulless, but that’s just an illusion that they project. At their core, they’re big ol’ softies who need affection — but not too much. So when they disappear to rejuvenate in their isolation chamber, don’t be concerned … but also, don’t leave them there too long or they’ll spiral into darkness.

What Scorpio really wants in their career

Total world domination. They may not want to get married to the poor sap they recently ghosted, but they do want to be married to their work. Just coasting through the job doesn’t interest a Scorpio, they need to be the best of the best and they want to be recognised for the hard work they put in. If it were up to them, they’d complete every task themselves with absolutely no input from their colleagues or direction from their boss. This isn’t to knock anyone else’s abilities, they’re just very independent people who find teamwork to be, well, an inconvenience that slows them down. They often get close to the boss, not because they have any particular fondness for them, but because their main allegiance is to power, and in their eyes, aligning themselves with the boss ultimately makes them one as well.

What Scorpio really wants in their friendships

Willing disciples who will join their cult that exists in a hidden place outside the norms of society. Becoming a member of this extremely exclusive and elusive cult requires a blood oath and a lifelong pledge of loyalty. You will eat, dance, drink and worship each other under the full moon for the rest of your days and tell each other your deepest and darkest secrets. You’ll be called upon at a minute’s notice to drive the getaway vehicle, bury the evidence and provide an alibi if need be. This sounds a bit much but to be fair, they would absolutely do the same for you. This cult won’t consist of many members – Scorpios just need a few loyal comrades to wreak havoc with. If you abide by this, you will have a friend for life. If you break the oath, even with something as simple as lying about why you bailed on lunch, you’re done.


What Sagittarius really wants in love

A lifelong travel companion. Sagittarians don’t ever enter a relationship for the sake of it, they just want someone to accompany them on their bonkers journey. I mean that metaphorically, but also literally. Although they’ve travelled alone and loved every second of it, they’d prefer to have someone with them to help carry their luggage, take holiday snaps for them and tour foreign cities with. They don’t like to feel trapped or shackled, they just want someone who will provide stability while simultaneously being a constant good time. They need someone who doesn’t take life (or themselves) too seriously, but who can also be that safe place when serious shit occurs, like when they’ve maxed out their credit card or when that menacing relative comes to visit. They’re deeply social and self-contained beings who can shine on their own, but they know that life is best experienced with others and no sign is better at balancing freedom with commitment. So while they’re sashaying around the globe looking fabulous and becoming besties with everyone they meet, naturally someone is going to be drawn in by their magnetic pull, and they welcome that energy.

What Sagittarius really wants in their career

To be the best at everything. Their association with the archer denotes their unbridled sense of ambition. That arrow is always pointed up towards the heavens, meaning they’re constantly reaching for the stars. They’re never content with where they’re at and always wonder if they could be doing better. This sense of ambition makes them a worthy adversary. When they set their sights on something, they make damn sure they achieve it by any means necessary. They will stop at nothing to level up and emerge victorious. Their desire to reach for the stars is also tied to their ruling planet Jupiter, which governs abundance and expansiveness.

What Sagittarius really wants in their friendships

An entire roster of plus ones to choose from. A Sagittarian’s social life is everything to them. They draft their friends list like it’s a football team. They want people to call upon at any given moment to accompany them on an adventure, be it a last-minute trip away or the night noodle markets. If a weekend has gone by and your Sag pal hasn’t hit you up to ask what you’re doing, they’re either busy having fun with someone else or they’re dead. If you are that friend who’s been selected to party with a Sag, you should feel blessed. Not only are they a damn good time, but they’re incredibly selective about who they spend their valuable days and nights with.


What Capricorn really wants in love

To meet their match. Although they don’t generally like to be challenged, Capricorns do enjoy playful banter and they want someone by their side who can hack their brutal jabs day in and day out, since the rest of the world appears to be too soft to cop it. They view everything in its practical sense, including relationships. They froth the idea of being able to split the restaurant bill with someone. They long to make use of Buy One, Get One Free deals. And when the time comes, a shared bank account would go down a treat (but they’d have to REALLY trust the other person for that). They’re traditionalists at heart who want to settle down with someone eventually. They already have so much in their life that they can brag about, but they want to add another trophy to the list, and that trophy is an equally confident, ambitious and accomplished individual they can call their better half. Well not better. Their equal/slightly lesser half.

What Capricorn really wants in their career

A sanctuary. A haven. A place where they feel true freedom and peace. Capricorns exist to crush it in their chosen field. They wear their work ethic like a gold medal and enjoy bragging about their achievements in social situations. When they’re unhappy at work, they feel truly rudderless and this bleeds into their personal life. They won’t be happy again until they find a workplace where they excel. Why are they so addicted to the grind? Is it the dollarydoos? Is it the outlet for their skills? Is it the glowing LinkedIn profile? Well yes, it’s all of those. But it’s mostly the fact that they’re ruled by the tenth House of Social and Professional Status, so they’re cosmically wired to care deeply about how they’re perceived professionally. They don’t give a damn about frivolous crap like Instagram followers or exxy brands or having heaps of friends. They want power, authority and respect. And they find all those things in their career.

What Capricorn really wants in their friendship

People they can actually stand to be around. Capricorns are annoyed by 85 per cent of the world, and that’s being generous. So once they find folks they can actually tolerate, they stick with them for life, because they know it won’t happen often. Capricorns are no picnic either, so they need mates who can handle being bossed around and mocked mercilessly for the rest of their days. These are usually people Capricorn has grown up with and who are therefore accustomed to their hella strict ways. They tend to scare new people off with their overbearing nature, so they need a group of mates around to convince them that they’re not too much of a punish to be with – it’s the rest of the world that’s too damn soft. Capricorns have a finite amount of love to give, so they’re saving it for the few people who deserve it.


What Aquarius really wants in love

To finally feel understood. Although they do enjoy being the cool and aloof weirdos of the zodiac, at the end of the day no one wants to be alone forever, right? Aquarians are afraid they won’t ever find someone because their uniqueness frightens people away, or worse, that they’ll end up with someone who doesn’t really get them. They want to be seen and heard, but they also just want to be themselves and have someone join them in their unique brand of weirdness. They want someone to accompany them in their quest to stop the world’s ills and become a valued part of the community. They’re almost embarrassed by their own emotions, so they want to feel comfortable expressing them and have a safe space to do so.

What Aquarius really wants in their career

To get paid to be weird. Aquarians seek out roles that allow them to be their wild and wacky selves. Something that values their unique viewpoint and analytical brain. They especially won’t stand for a dull role that stifles their creativity and makes them feel like sheep. These quirky geniuses want to experiment, explore, innovate and most of all, to never have to follow the rules. Or at least, to have to follow as few rules as possible. They want a workplace that will back their crazy vision and support them in their mad scientist-esque ideas.

What Aquarius really wants in their friendships

Willing peeps to join their cause. Aquarians are determined to make the world a better place and want to recruit as many people as they can along the way to unite with on their crusade. They know there’s power in numbers, so by gathering as many pals as they can, they’ll have plenty of people to tag along when they go door-knocking, attend underground raves and sit around playing video games all weekend. They have a tendency to self-exile and excommunicate themselves from people, and they need friends who will leave them be but reach out and pull them back into society when they disappear too far into their own galaxy.


What Pisces really wants in love

For someone to come into their life and solve literally all their problems for them. Pisceans spend their lives trying to help others and they want someone who will do the same for them. They totally have that damsel in distress thing going on. Although they’ve been burned a million times by their naivety in relationships, they still have a myopic view of love and won’t stop until they’ve met someone who will fulfil all of their needs. That’s why they’re so picky in relationships – they’d rather be single and continue their search for The One than be in a shitty relationship where they’re not treated like the royalty that they are.

What Pisces really wants in their career

Somewhere that’ll help them flourish and flex their talents. They’re so damn picky about the vibes of their workplace, they will not tolerate a toxic working environment. At the first sign of toxicity, they will do what they can to eliminate the problem, even going beyond the realms of their job description. They’re the self-appointed office parent and want to make sure the vibes are always good for the people around them. They often jump from job to job in search of a workplace with positive energy.

What Pisces really wants in their friendships

A backup person who they can marry in case they don’t end up finding that dreamyp artner they’ve been manifesting for years. Just kidding … sort of. Actually, I’m not, but before they get to that stage, they need to find someone who will put up with their shit. Yes, they know they have shit. Loads of it. Piles of it. So much shit that they make you feel like you’re constantly shovelling. But hey, they give just as much as they take. Pisceans require someone who will listen to them ramble about their latest dud date for hours. Someone who will watch trashy reality television with them without judgement. Someone to enjoy all of life’s joys and disasters with. And you bet your arse they’ll do the same for you.
Text from How To Spot The (Star) Signs by Matt Galea, Pan Macmillan RRP $16.99available in bookstores across Australia.
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