Why This Detangling Hairbrush Is The Only One I’ll Ever Use

Photo: Courtesy of Vivien Lee.
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It's time to enjoy brushing your hair. Whether you're in the market for any new brush or one designed for wet hair, I'm here to introduce you to the legendary Tangle Teezer. After my drugstore hairbrush died on me last minute, I was searching for a hairbrush that would smoothly comb through my long strands after a shower with minimal snagging. (My previous one would pull at my hair and give me a headache.) With a quick scroll, the aesthetically pleasing Tangle Teezer hair brush caught my eye and changed my life.
At the affordable price of $28.05, the hairbrush is a holy grail piece. Take, for example, one of our affiliate editors, Marshall Bright. She's a loyal Tangle Teezer fan who has owned the same brush for 10 years. Why? It still works as well as the day she bought it, and the brush does an exceptional job of detangling her hair without damaging it. She's even bought a travel-size one, which she's owned for over five years.
As you can tell, Tangle Teezer's hairbrushes are truly lifetime pieces. This detangling brush is designed to treat wet hair and all the knots that come after a shower — although it also works fine on dry hair. It's a perfect shower brush to distribute hair products that'll effortlessly eliminate any snarls afterwards. 
In usual fashion, the glowing reviews enticed me to test it out. And as one who loves trying products — of course, I added it to cart. I never thought I would enjoy shopping for hairbrushes or look forward to brushing my hair until now. After meeting my new trusty bestie, I said goodbye to unruly knots and hello to silky smooth locks. 

"Ok, this is seriously a game-changer. I bought this brush because my last one was a bit old, and WOW! It doesn't pull my hair out! I'm so used to pulling at my scalp repeatedly, even with leave-in conditioner, and this brush was magic! Honestly, if your hair tangles at the sight of water and you want to brush without pain and lose half your hair, this is the brush for you!

Amazon Reviewer
Tangle Teezers are a fan-favourite among all ages. Some parents use the brush for their toddlers, others for themselves. Even husbands steal their wives' brushes. My hairbrush is mine and my mom's occasionally. When I visit home, she'll say "Do you mind if I use this?" — hinting that she actually wants one. She raves about the soft bristles that don't snag hair, saying it feels like a mini massage. I'm personally happier that my hair-brushing time has been cut in half. Do I dare say I actually look forward to using it? (Childhood Vivien who hated brushing her hair would be appalled.) Another perk is that it comes in a rainbow of colours — I love having options, and I chose the lavender shade.
When it comes to weight, the Tangle Teezer may be the most lightweight hairbrush I've ever owned. As someone with thick straight hair at the top that starts to wave midway, the knots I get toward the back of my head are pretty awful. Don't even get me started on how the wind can tangle my entire hair into one ball. Thankfully, the Tangle Teezer's handle is comfortable to grip, especially if you have to tackle a bad knot. Plus, it works on straight to wavy hair without any breakage. (Other variations are designed for fine and fragile styles, thick and loose curls, and tighter curls and coils.)

Before On An "Okay" Semi Dry Hair Day

After Brushing With My Tangle Teezer

It's worth noting that the teeth aren't metal but soft, and the two-tiered bristles are flexible, so they easily glide through wet or dry hair. The longer teeth detangle hair, while the shorter ones give you glossy smooth, frizz-free hair. My hair is so thick that the metal bristles on my old hairbrush would fall off with each hair-brushing session. However, my new lavender best friend loosens tangles gently, quickly, and effectively without furiously pulling or tugging.
I never have to shop for another hairbrush again — I hope you don't, either.
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