Sweet Digs Australia: Basra Ajeh’s Lewisham Studio Apartment Is A Candy-Coloured Sanctuary

Welcome to Sweet Digs Australia, where we take a look inside the sometimes small, sometimes spacious, and always unique homes of women and gender-diverse people across the country. This week, we tour the cosy pastel home of content creator Basra Ajeh in Lewisham, Sydney.
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In the quiet suburb of Lewisham in Sydney's inner-west, content creator Basra Ajeh has carved out her own little corner where her penchant for bright hues and organisation can flourish — for the incredible price of $390 per week.
The studio apartment itself boasts plenty of character, having been converted from a large Victorian house. It's designed in a way that reminds her of the home she used to live in with her family in Melbourne. With its high ceilings, ornate details and big windows, Ajeh was sucked in by the historic charm.
Inside, the 1-bedroom home has a studio feel with a collapsable wall between her bedroom and the living/dining that enables the space to become one open-plan area, free for her cat Bunny to roam around. Because the content creator films a lot of her content from home, a space that was able to compliment her style was a must.
Taking a minimalist approach to her maximalist aesthetic, her trick with decorating was to pack in plenty of colour without creating a cluttered feel. “It’s hard for me to think when there’s too much stuff going on,” she tells R29, but she reckons she's managed just fine. “I feel like this is the right balance of colour but it's still very neat at the same time.”
Where we're taking notes for our own interior inspo is in Ajeh's approach to interiors where nothing is taken as is. From DIY painting that instantly transforms simple furniture to better reflect her style to a side table made up of stacked crates and a chopping board, every corner is made to suit her needs.
For obvious reasons, her favourite space is the bedroom because of the big windows and the fireplace. Despite being known for her stylish taste and penchant for a 'more is more' aesthetic, Ajeh keeps her closet to a minimum. Without a walk-in or built-ins, she utilises open clothing racks — both of which she found on the street! — that allow her bright style to become part of the decor. 
Watch the video above for a closer look inside Ajeh's home, and get some handy tips on amateur-friendly DIY hacks. And if you want to shop the look, peep our picks below.
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