A Fool-Proof Guide To BBQ & Picnic Dressing

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It’s officially summer — a time made especially significant for those of us who love socialising and the great outdoors, and ideally, both together.
The great picnic movement of 2020/21 has cemented the practice in our hangs, while BBQs continue to be a quintessential part of Australian culture.
Though it's easy to plan what food and drinks to bring with you, the perfect look to accompany your platter or esky offering is often an afterthought reserved for the moment right when you're meant to be racing out the door.
After all, picnics and BBQs can call for a range of dress codes and elemental surprises, so sadly, not all your impulse purchases will make the cut.
Since we’re expecting a barrage of rugscapes and group shots this year, it's probably a sound idea to invest in key wardrobe pieces that'll take you through the warmer months, to avoid any last-minute splurges that we only wear once.
But there are factors to consider when dressing for the occasion beyond just how you think you look. Not to damper your fun, but being outdoors doesn't always suit our going-out looks, from a functional perspective. So, to take the guesswork out of outfit hunting, we've taken it upon ourselves to put together the perfect capsule wardrobe for the good times ahead.
Click through for the nine must-have items you'll be wearing on repeat this picnic season.
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