We Tried Out PANGAIA’s Cult-Status Sweats — Are They Worth The Hype?

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If you’re willing, we’d like you to cast your mind back to March 2020. It was our first-ever lockdown, the outside world was shutting down and life as we knew it would never be the same. While we were cooped up without much need for our festive wardrobe pieces that were tragically collecting dust at the back of our closets, trends naturally shifted to more house-appropriate attire.
Suddenly, our platforms became slippers , and all we were adding to cart were chic loungewear pieces to waft around the house in. And unless you were (understandably) preoccupied, you’d have noticed everyone’s attention tuned into one particular sweatsuit brand that became lockdown’s ‘It’ outfit: PANGAIA.
While it’s been around since 2018, and was already a favourite of the IYKYK fashion set, PANGAIA really took off at the height of the pandemic for its elevated take on comfy loungewear and activewear that looks inexplicably polished and boasts some serious sustainability creds
Teaming up with scientists and designers to use the most ethical and planet-friendly materials possible — think GOTS-certified cotton, seaweed fibre finishes and cruelty-free flower down — the brand's contemporary basics are built to last.
But as good as it all sounds and looks, how does it stack up to its reputation two years from its initial boom? To get a sense of how worth it these cult-status sweats are in a post-lockdown world, we had to see all the fuss was all about for ourselves.
Ahead, five editors with a penchant for loungewear spend some time in various PANGAIA sweat pieces to suss out their appeal. Read on for their honest thoughts.

Pema Bakshi, Style & Living Editor

As a big fan of a cheap tracksuit, I’ve always been hesitant to see them as an ‘investment’ the same way I would say, a good coat. But with the weather in Sydney being what it is, I’ve been feeling that I’m not meeting my cosy potential with the usual activewear. Not to mention, the cheap tracksuits are a dream for about five washes before they start intensely pilling and falling apart.
For this road test, I opted for the OG hoodie and matching track pants from the 365 Core range as even though summer is around the corner, I'm a cold little baby at all times. The colour range was impeccable which made deciding on one rather difficult, but after a solid two hours of deliberating and bugging my co-workers, I went for the rich navy-blue shade — it's bolder than my usual black-on-black without diverging too far from my comfort zone. 
My first thought when trying them on was that the fabric was a fair bit thicker than I had anticipated — in a good way. Made from 100% organic cotton, my new worry was that I was going to boil in the muggy weather I was supposed to be testing these sweats out in. I was proven wrong.
After a long morning walk, I was already impressed. Not only did I find the fabric super warm and durable in the biting morning chill, but it still felt quite breathable once the sun came out and didn’t feel too stuffy to keep on once I had warmed up. 
Weeks later, and I'm still finding myself throwing this set on without even studying the day's forecast. I've washed it a couple of times with no obvious issues, but the sweats are actually infused with peppermint oil to keep them fresher for longer.
Overall, I couldn't recommend biting the bullet on these more. The sizes might stump some people, though. I love my sweats oversized but was right to trust my gut that the brand runs a little larger so if you’re not one for an oversized look, I’d suggest sizing down. The price is definitely up there; there's no skirting around that, but I also think we’re not conditioned to believe that we can invest in loungewear because we’re not used to it lasting. But trust me when I say, the luxurious feeling of being enveloped in this oversized hoodie is worth every penny and it'll definitely go the distance.

Zahra Campbell-Avenell, Head Of Editorial

Loungewear has been having a moment since the pandemic, bringing with it a slew of designers and pieces moving it from daggy to chic territory.
PANGAIA in particular has been on my radar for a while because of its impressive eco credentials. So I was excited to try out the line but didn’t have high expectations (after all, how good can sweats get?!).
Spoiler alert: I absolutely loved my PANGAIA 365 sweats. I got a matching sweatshirt and sweatpants, since I’ve been on the hunt for an elevated set for weekends/WFH/plane travel. The material is deliciously soft and cozy (but still breathable, since it’s 100% cotton) in a medium ‘Goldilocks’ weight (not too heavy, not too light). I’m also crazy about this hot pink colourway (Barbiecore, here I come!).
The only con: I knew the pieces were going to be oversized, but I was surprised by JUST how oversized they were. Next time I’d definitely size down in the top (maybe even two sizes). I’m happy with the slouchy fit of the bottoms, but could also have comfortably sized down.

Bree Grant, E-Commerce Editor

I’ve been dying to try the PANGAIA loungewear sets since they first started trending back in the 2020 lockdown, so I’m glad I finally got my hands on a set. I opted for the 365 organic cotton shorts and signature hoodie in stone (both in size S) and the organic cotton oversized tailored blazer (XS).
I was super excited when I first opened the set — they’re every bit as soft and lush as they look online. Trying them on, I definitely thought I could have gone a size down in all three pieces. They’re all really oversized! However, considering the ’fit leans into WFH/loungewear territory, I’ve absolutely been able to make them work. Plus, who doesn’t love an oversized blazer moment?
It’s been pouring rain here lately, so I’ve basically been living in the 365 shorts and hoodie lately. If I’m heading out to work from the local cafe for a bit, I’ve actually been chucking on my gum boots and blazer just to style it up a tad.
When I’m just wearing the set, I’ll typically channel Hailey Bieber and opt for a pair of Nike vintage sneakers and a pair of cute sunnies. I’ve also been tucking the bottom of the hoodie up into my sports bra to crop the hoodie a bit. I tend to do this with a lot of my oversized sweatshirts because I’m so short, and I like to give my legs a little extra length.
Overall, I’m pretty stoked with my Pangaia set. As far as loungewear goes, I’ll definitely have this set on rotation, and the blazer is perfect for when I actually head into the office. I just wish I had sized down for a more flattering fit.

Alicia Vrajlal, Culture Editor

These are my first PANGAIA threads and I was really excited to try out some pieces from a climate-positive label. As I’m mainly working from home and making lunchtime walks my daily routine, I’ve been on the hunt for a new trackie set that is casual, but still fun enough to wear outside the house.
Made with a thick and heavy fabric, the hoodie is super warm and comfy and the brushed inside gives adds a touch of fluffy coziness. The wide-leg track pants in navy were soft and breezy, and can also be paired with a T-shirt or tank top. I kept my look casual by teaming my outfit with a pair of Lacoste sneakers to maintain a relaxed streetwear vibe. These items are surprisingly quite generously oversized so my one tip would be to order a size or two down.

Maggie Zhou, Writer & Producer

What sucks me into PANGAIA's is its exceptional colourways. After much deliberation, I decided on this chestnut hoodie and these cobalt blue shorts (two colours I cannot get enough of). Of course, PANGAIA is also known for their environmental accolades and I'm happy with its 'good' Good On You rating.
I'm a sucker for its take on well-cut and chic loungewear and was giddy with excitement when it arrived in the mail. The outside of the hoodie itself is soft, while the inside was less fluffy than I had anticipated. Unlike my coworkers, I'm happy with its fit — I chose to go up a size for an oversized look and wouldn't have wanted it any smaller. I'd be remiss to mention that it has side pockets, which is almost worth the price tag alone.
The shorts as well could have benefited by being a size up. Personally, I like my sweats a tad loose. I won't lie — I feel like a very put-together woman when I wear these pieces out, often accompanied by a low ponytail, sunglasses and white sneakers.
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