The Internet’s Favourite Pan Is Finally Available In Australia

Photo Courtesy of Our Place.
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When shopping for cookware, you might wonder, How special can a pan really be? Well, according to reviewers of Our Place’s Always Pan, the answer to that question is: completely and utterly life-changing. First rising to fame in the US, the kitchen brand is available in Australia for the first time as of today, allowing shoppers to get their hands on the must-have pan for $275, $325 for the larger version and $210 for the mini version.
For those uninitiated in the hype surrounding the cult classic Our Place cookware, let us catch you up. In 2019, the Always Pan became a viral sensation for its ability to create the ultimate 'one pan' dinner. Its USP spoke to young shoppers who didn’t have the cupboard space (or the energy) to cook with a sprawling, clunky pan set. Made from non-toxic, ethically sourced materials, the pan was designed to replace the need for eight separate pieces of cookware, combining the features of a sauté pan, a saucepan, a steamer, a colander, a frying pan, a saucier, a skillet, a non-stick pan and a spoon rest, all in one.
That might sound too good to be true, but the numbers speak for themselves, with the pan selling out 10 times over in the United States and attracting a 50,000-person waiting list. But like anything, it isn't just the functionality that has drawn people in; it's the all-important aesthetic, too. Available in a range of stylish shades, the multipurpose pan became a major hit on TikTok, with people loving the easy-to-use design and shelfie-certified colour palette of peaches, sage greens and oatmeals. Also stocking glasses, plates, knives, chopping boards and more (not to mention a collab with Selena Gomez), the company has been described as "Le Creuset for Gen Z".
Now, the brand’s founder Shiza Shahid is finally launching Our Place in Australia. The story behind Our Place is one of inspiration drawn from the immigrant experience. "My partner and I are both immigrants, and we literally found our place in our new communities by cooking food and inviting new friends to our dinner table," Shahid tells Refinery29 Australia ahead of the launch. "We’ve always believed sharing a home-cooked meal is about so much more than just making food — it’s about reconnecting to our culture, our communities, our traditions, and to each other." This passion for connection and culture became the driving force behind the brand's creation.

As a woman of colour-founded brand that is rooted in inclusion, Our Place has been committed from day one to building a bigger table.

SHIZA SHAHID, Founder, Our Place
What sets Our Place apart from other cookware brands is its unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability — not to mention aesthetics. "Our Place is the cookware brand that’s challenging the status quo and designing differently, for a new era of cooking," says Shahid. For starters, the brand's cookware is toxin-free, a stark contrast to many cookware brands still using potentially harmful chemicals such as PFAS in their non-stick products. The packaging is made from 100% recycled materials and free of plastics, and the Always Pan 2.0 (one of the brand's standout products) is made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials. "We try to make better decisions in everything we do so that our impact on the world is kinder to both people and the planet," Shahid says.
Our Place products are beautifully designed too, merging luxury aesthetics with practicality, and often replacing entire cookware sets with just a few of their innovative products. Shahid's own love for cooking is reflected in the brand's philosophy. "My cooking reflects the cultures and places I’ve lived in, and been a part of," she says. "I grew up in Pakistan, today I live in California, my husband is Persian, and I have friends from many different cultures. My food and cooking exist at the intersections of those identities."
Cultural diversity and inclusivity are integral to the Our Place brand. "As a woman of colour-founded brand that is rooted in inclusion, Our Place has been committed from day one to building a bigger table," Shahid says. "We’ve created collections in partnership with communities to celebrate traditions from Nochebuena to Shabbat, Lunar New Year to Diwali." The brand collaborates with communities and uses its platform to amplify stories, recipes, and foods from underrepresented communities.
At first, the brand grew organically, mainly through word-of-mouth recommendations. Shahid says, "From that point, it was just a case of people experiencing the products for themselves — which led to ‘pinch me’ moments like Oprah Mag calling it 'the Kitchen Magician'."
Shahid is particularly proud of the Always Pan 2.0, because it is the first pan made at scale that uses 100% post-consumer recycled aluminium. But balancing aesthetics and functionality is also a priority. "The core of our product mission is to deliver cookware that is accessible to all cooks, mindfully produced, non-toxic and thoughtfully multifunctional so that cooking at home can be easier, healthier and more joyful," she says. "We think beautiful products help inspire you to cook on your own terms. Our logic: If it’s pretty enough to leave on your hob, you’ll want to cook more often!"
As Our Place prepares to make its mark in Australia, Shiza Shahid has a message for Australian consumers: "We’re excited to bring better-for-you and better-for-the-planet cookware to Australia. We hope it inspires many more home-cooked meals shared with loved ones, and memories made around the dinner table."
To take a look at the best cookware Our Place has to offer, shop the selection below (just make sure to snag the Always Pan before it inevitably sells out). 
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