When Is Natalie Gruzlewski Returning To Farmer Wants A Wife 2024?

We've just started the 13th season of Farmer Wants A Wife and so far we've met five new farmers, 40 new women looking for love, and a bevy of farm animals who are wondering what the heck is going on.
But one familiar face seems to be missing this season and it hasn't gone unnoticed by the reality TV show's legion of fans.
While Samantha Armitage has been busy guiding the farmers and their chosen women on their journey to everlasting TV love, her regular co-host Natalie Gruzlewski has been noticeably missing all season. But rumours say that she'll be back — and we can't wait.
Below we unpack what happened to Nat and when you can expect to see her on the 2024 season.

Who Is The Host Of Farmer Wants A Wife?

For the first 10 seasons of Farmer Wants A Wife Australia, Natalie Gruzlewski was the sole host.
In 2022, Channel 7 announced that former Sunrise host Samantha Armitage would be joining Nat as a special guest host and would be advising the farmers on their dates.
Then, in 2023, the network announced Sam would be joining the show on a more permanent basis.
Brook Hall, Seven’s Director of Content Scheduling, told TV Tonight last year the two presenters had basically 'swapped' roles.
“They’re both in the show still. (Previously) Nat was front and centre and Sam was advising on dates,” he explained at the time.
“But if I’m being honest, they’ve kind of slightly flipped. Nat has ‘Nat’s Getaway’ so she’ll be co-host, she’ll be opening the start. It’s more blended, with one front and one appearing. But yes, Samantha Armytage is taking more centre stage.”
As announced, both Sam and Nat appeared in the 2023 season, with Sam taking a more leading role and Nat appearing less frequently and hosting her new segment 'Nat's Getaway'.

Why Is Nat Missing From This Season Of FWAW?

This season of FWAW, Nat has been noticeably missing from both the promo trailers and the first week of episodes.
However, Channel 7 has confirmed that Nat will appear in the season at some point.
"The 2024 season is ready to roll, with more episodes, more farmers, and Samantha Armytage and Natalie Gruzlewski on a quest to find our farmers their one true love," the network said in a statement to the Daily Mail.

When Is Nat Returning To Farmer Wants A Wife?

At this point, it hasn't been confirmed when Nat will appear on the show.
But if we base our theories on what happened last season, it's likely Nat will appear later in the season to host her 'Nat's Getaway' segment.
While Nat hasn't spoken publicly about how she feels about the show's hosting changes, she recently told the Courier Mail that she has been enjoying a 'quieter life' with her 11-year-old daughter Olivia.
"I'm a mum and, like most mums, I spend much more of my time – more of my life – driving her around," she told the publication. "That's definitely changed from when I first started on Farmer when I was travelling more for my career."
While Nat won't be appearing on the show as much, she believes the core feeling of the show hasn't changed.
"The beautiful love stories and the connections, has always struck [a chord] with viewers …and while the authenticity of Farmer hasn't changed, my life certainly has these days."
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