Mirror Mirror Shows The Ugly Side Of The Australian Beauty Industry

Network 10
Australian woman Tara Jayne stars in Mirror Mirror
It's no secret that the cosmetic surgery industry, advertising and social media have a profound impact on the way many Australians shape their views about their appearance.
Australia recorded almost 203,000 cosmetic procedures in 2018, including breast augmentations, brow lifts, non-surgical fat reduction and more, according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
In Channel 10's upcoming two-part documentary series, Mirror Mirror, host Todd Sampson lifts the lid on the beauty industry's ugly side, looking at the trillion-dollar industries that profit from society's obsession with body image.  
In the first trailer released on Sunday night, viewers got a glimpse into how far some individuals will go to change their appearance to keep up with beauty ideals projected on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
"You just want to look like an edited photo in real life," says Aussie woman Tara Jayne. "I think I want to get my boobs bigger as well."
"They're not small," Sampson reassures her, before speaking to a male bodybuilder who thinks he looks "like a toothpick" despite his very muscular physique.
We also see snippets of expert interviews, including one where clinical psychologist Dr Ben Buchanan, says, "We're absolutely genetically wired to be attracted to beauty."
Another scene shows an expert highlighting the advertising industry's fixation with airbrushing. "The person without retouching doesn't sell as much," she says.
Meanwhile, another quick clip refers to ageist beauty ideals, showing an older woman closely inspecting her face as her voiceover projects, "There is no room in society for old women."
Since airing on Sunday night, the trailer has already attracted mixed reactions from social media users:
Regardless of whether you have social media or have dabbled in cosmetic surgery, this doco will no doubt force us all to hold a mirror up to our obsession with our appearances.
Mirror Mirror premieres Wednesday, September 8 and continues Thursday,  September 9 at 7.30pm on Network 10 and 10 Play on demand.   

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