Lululemon’s First Dog Product Is Actually A Clever TikTok Hack

Photo: Courtesy of Karina Hoshikawa
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A funny thing happened when I recently stopped by my local Lululemon boutique to browse. I was naturally accompanied by my rescue pomchi, Miso, and, as per usual, he was hamming it up with fellow customers. “If you guys ever made stuff for dogs, I’d be first in line to get one of everything,” I joked to an employee who offered Miso a treat from a glass jar at the registers. “Well, we don’t do that yet — but people love these mini backpacks for dogs,” he replied with a smile, gesturing to a display of teeny-tiny backpacks with carabiners. I don’t quite remember what happened next, but all I know is that I was suddenly leaving the store without the leggings I planned to buy, but with a Honey I Shrunk The Kids-sized pack in black nylon. 
Photo: Courtesy of Karina Hoshikawa
As it happens, the Lululemon store guy was right: The brand’s City Adventurer Backpack Nano is a certified TikTok hit, with several videos (usually set to Madonna’s “Material Girl,”) depicting fellow insane genius dog parents clipping the mini pack to their pup’s harness. Aside from cuteness overload, the pack offers equal parts function and form; the compact size (about the size of a burger) is light enough for small breeds like mine but can still fit everything from a bag of treats to a tennis ball. (And while the bag seems like an athleisure equivalent to 2020's micro purse trend, humans also like the backpack-slash-keychain. Reviewers mentioned using it to store delicate jewellery at the gym or while traveling or to hold keys and loose change.) 
Photo: Courtesy of Karina Hoshikawa
Is the other dog jealous? It's entirely possible.
“This is perfect for my little doggie to have on her harness so she can carry her own treats and poop bags,” explains one Lululemon reviewer. ”Impulse purchase because it’s adorable,” aptly says another reviewer. “[It’s] fits a surprising amount of stuff and makes me smile every time I use it.” (Plus, how cute would it look clipped onto a human-sized City Adventurer backpack?)
At $39, it’s admittedly pricey for the amount of backpack you get — which isn’t much. However, as many other reviewers mentioned, you can't put a price on the joy that this mini backpack sparks. (Besides, I'd also like to think that Miso loves twinning with his mum's Lululemon 'fits.)
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