9 Seasoned Thrifters Share Their Best Secrets For Selling At A Market Stall

It's the crack of dawn, and armed with a takeaway coffee and a box full of clothes hangers, you're on the path to setting up what might just be the coolest stall to sell your old clothes.
Many people simply assume that having a good sense of style will automatically mean others will want to buy your goods — and that having a pal to tag team with is enough to float you over the line — but there's actually an art to nailing the flea market that's different to selling clothes online.
Everything from the way you present your goods to striking a balance between not being too disengaged (but also not too eager) when sealing a deal, make all the difference in hosting a fruitful secondhand experience that will draw in the crowds (and cash).
So you never have to lug all your clothes back home or make a loss, we spoke to nine merchants at Sydney's quarterly curated event, Second Life Markets, to find out their top tips for not only breaking even but actually making a profit when physically selling your wardrobe.
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