How To Tell If Your Sports Bra Actually Fits Properly

As someone who is invested far too much cash in their athleisure wear, I felt a little bit silly having rocked up to the Nike store recently to be fitted, for the first time ever, for a sports bra.
*Carrie Bradshaw voiceover* And I began to wonder, am I the only one who didn't know this was a thing?!
Unsurprisingly, being fitted for a sports bra is much the same as being fitted for a regular bra only you don't get measured, they just test the fit with a few simple hacks. Hacks that thankfully you can do yourself from the comfort of a change room...

Hack One:

If you can pull the strap of your sports bra up high enough that it can touch your earlobe, it's too big. Try on the next size down. And remember if it initially feels too tight, they do stretch. To get longevity from your sports bra you're best to go for the tighter fit (as long as it's not uncomfortably tight) and let it loosen up over time.
When you're getting fitted for a sports bra it's good to remember that it should feel supportive, hold you in (in a good way) and not move around on your body while you move, especially if you engage in high-impact exercise.

Hack Two:

If you can comfortably but firmly fit a fingers width under the waistband, you've found the right fit. You should also check how you can move while wearing the bra — do a jump squat, jog a little on the spot, twist from side to side — it shouldn't feel like you're going to fall out, or like you can't breathe.
If you're still unsure, you can pop into any store, just like I did (I recommend Nike), and they'll fit you on the floor based on what exercise you like doing, what cup size you are and what kind of support you should be looking for. I highly recommend being fitted for your sports bra, it made such a difference wearing the right fit for my body. We all know the benefits of wearing the right everyday bra, so why not take the same approach when shopping for a sports bra?

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