Every Box Your Sports Bra Should Tick If You’ve Got Bigger Boobs

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Anyone who’s ever exercised knows the importance of wearing a good, well-fitting sports bra. It can literally make or break your workout, especially if you've got bigger boobs. And the tricky thing is, there isn’t one sports bra to rule them all.
Depending on your preferred way to sweat — HIIT, yoga, running, Pilates, cross-fit, boxing — each requires a different degree of support and cup coverage for different boob sizes. 
That, and you also want your sports bra to look cute. 
So what should you be looking for when shopping for the right sports bra, especially if you've got bigger boobs? Well, according to Lululemon Ambassador and Strength Coach Nic Hahn, there are a few boxes your sports bra should tick before you go dropping cash on it. Let's go through the mental checklist, shall we?

How much support do you actually need?

"It took me years to realise that I don’t need the same support when squatting as I do when running. Strength training is a much lower impact meaning the bra I choose can be a little less supportive. Running is obviously higher impact, hence the need for a more technical and supportive type of bra," explains Nic. The holy grail of bras is one that can adjust to do both, e.g. straps clip together at the back to become high support or unclip for a more relaxed feel.
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Look for firm underbands 

Nic recommends opting for a thicker band to allow the fabric to sit on you and act as support. "Thinner bands tend to get lost under the boob and dig in at the back and sides. This goes for the straps, too. Spaghetti straps might look cute, but trust me when I say they will be your worst nightmare."
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Strap placement matters

Big boobs are heavy, and bras with straps that only cross over your traps can often leave you with a tight neck, explains Nic. "I suggest looking for a bra with straps that support slightly wider near the shoulder and put less pressure on the neck and traps. If you do happen to like the look and feel of the Y shaped bra, be sure to choose one with padding in the straps."
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Tighter doesn't always mean better

A common mistake women make when wanting extra support is to downsize their bra and ‘strap in’. However, this usually results in a Uni-Boob, pancake or overspill type situation and is often quite restrictive for movement and breathing, says Nic. "The right bra should allow your girls to feel slightly lifted, separated, and a little weightless while also allowing your ribs to expand without restriction."
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Don't put all your eggs in one basket 

Or boobs in the one bra! Bras definitely change shape slightly as they age, so making sure you've chosen easily adjustable ones is important, explains Nic. It's also equally important to make sure you have more than 1 ‘go-to’ bra. "Using the same bra all the time because it's your favourite is a sure-fire way to minimise its lifespan. When you find one that ticks all the boxes, be sure to grab it in a few colours, so you don't wear it out too quickly, and your girls can stay as supported as you need them to be."

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