Meet The Body-Hugging Sports Bra I’ve Currently Got On Rotation

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I'm one of those people who's pretty damn picky about bras — and even more so about sports bras. It's probably because I spend 80% of my life in a sports bra and most of the other 20% in a bikini. So I'm always on the hunt for sports bras that not only look and feel good but offer solid support while I'm playing sports and exercising.
So when the opportunity came up to test out Nike's 2.0 version of the Swoosh Flyknit High-Support Non-Padded Sports Bra ($95), I jumped at the chance.

A little bit of background

I'm a size 8 B/C in bras and usually a size XS/S/M in sports bras, depending on the brand and fit. I hate clunky sports bras with additional padding, and I also hate when they're too tight under my arms or across my chest because I always feel like I can't breathe and end up with this funky underarm chafe.
I exercise daily — running, walking, boxing, Pilates or yoga — and play touch football and Oz Tag twice a week. So you know I need the girls to be held and supported through every workout.
Now for the bra itself.

First impressions

The minute this baby landed at my front door, I immediately rushed upstairs to try it on. I'd held a preview version of the same bra at the Nike World Headquarters earlier this year, so I was super excited to get it on my body.
The material is different from Nike's original Swoosh bra. It's a tight-knitted yarn with enough stretch when you need it, but will also hold everything in place. Speaking of being held in place, the Flyknit also holds somewhat of a shape even when it's not on your body, so you can see how it will mould to your shape when you move.
The neckline is a scoop neck that doesn't run low enough to feel like your boobs are going to come out of the top, but also not high enough to make you feel claustrophobic. The back is a racerback with an adjustable hook-and-eye clasp that helps you find the perfect fit. The smooth, soft-covered side seams keep you feeling comfortable, while the sweat-wicking tech and perforations give you the ultimate airflow. It also has a thicker waistband that sits comfortably under your boobs for that additional support.
It also means you can adjust the fit and get more wear out of the sports bra as your body/boobs fluctuate (hello, period).

Trying it on

One thing I noticed the minute I popped the bra over my head was how easy it was to get on and eventually off. The hook-and-eye clasp means that no matter how hard you sweat, you'll still be able to get undressed post-workout. Gone are the days when I'd have to scream at my boyfriend from the bathroom to come and help me as I struggled to get sports bras to unstick from my sweaty back.
I also noticed how surprisingly comfortable the fabric was, considering it's not as soft to the touch as other fabrics. It has that instant body-hugging feel, so you know you will be supported instead of bouncing around.

How did it hold up? Or should I say, hold 'em up?

Really well! I thoroughly tested the Nike Swoosh Flyknit — I played football in it, wore it to boxing and Pilates, and wore it around the house while I worked from home (gross girls will get me). I never once felt like my boobs were bouncing around uncontrollably or like they would pop out of my top. I never got that dull achy feeling you can sometimes get after running in a non-supportive sports bra.
The strap size and cut across the underarm meant that I didn't get any awkward chafing from sweating like an absolute demon, and it didn't make me overheat.
Plus, as predicted, the clasp at the back made it so much easier to take on and off — which is a huge win!

Would I buy it again?

Yep! In fact, I've already gone out and purchased a second one to have on rotation (remember that I spend 80% of my life in sports bras). For me, it checked all the boxes — supportive, no underarm chafe, nice fit and cut, the hook-and-eye-clasp held my boobs down and in (without giving me a uni-boob), it didn't come with extra padding that makes my boobs feel like they're stuffed under my chin, and it looks cute.

What about if you have bigger/smaller boobs?

The good news is that the Swoosh Flyknit comes in sizes XS-XL in cups A-E, so there are plenty of options for those with smaller/bigger boobs. I'd recommend going into a Nike store and actually trying the bra on to make sure you get the right size/fit. If you have an F or G boob size, Nike has the Alate Coverage sports bras in your sizing.

Where can you buy the Nike Swoosh Flyknit?

Right here, friends! It's currently only available in two colourways, (white/black and black/grey) but here's hoping they bring out some brighter colours soon.
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