Your 5-Minute Refresher On Heartbreak High Season One Before The New Episodes Drop

Content warning: This article discusses sexual assault, abuse, police brutality and drug use in a way that may be distressing to some readers.
Did you hear the news? School is back in session! Heartbreak High returns for its much anticipated second season on April 11, 2024. The first trailer promises just as much laughter, sex (or not for our ace king Ca$h) and drama, with hints of the school burning down, a love triangle between Amerie, Malakai and a new student, Rowan, as well as Darren grappling with being allosexual while dating an asexual person.
If you are struggling to remember what even happened in season one given it's been over 18 months since it first dropped, you are not alone. And in case you can't be bothered watching seven hours to prepare yourself for Season 2, we have you covered. We have created an episodic guide to Heartbreak High, covering the main plot, best moments and key details you need to know before the new season premieres. Keep reading belong if you want to ace the test (i.e. have context for the shenanigans in Season 2).

Episode 1: Map Bitch

- This episode introduces us to the world of Hartly High, primarily shown through the eyes of Amerie (Ayesha Madon).
- A "incest map" of who's hooked up with who at school gets leaked which Amerie and her best friend Harper (Asher Yasbincek) created, with Amerie taking the fall for the map which causes her to become a social pariah.
- The people on the map get put into a mandatory sex ed program nicknamed "sluts".
- Shout out to Garbage's Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!) on the soundtrack
- Harper is refusing to speak to Amerie for reasons unknown to the audience.
- Amerie cuts bad bangs.
- Quinni (Chloé Hayden) and Darren (James Majoos) befriend a friendless Amerie and take her to a party where she kisses her crush Dusty (Joshua Heuston).
- The police break up the party and Dusty and Harper are shown having a moment to Dua Lipa's Levitating (I know the song isn't important but it just paints such a 2022 picture that it couldn't not be mentioned)

Episode Two: Renaissance Titties

- Dusty's band is performing at his house and Amerie is desperate for a ticket, but Spider (Bryn Chapman-Parish) refuses to sell her a ticket (things seem suss between them).
- Malakai (Thomas Weatherall) helps Amerie sneak into the party and the two grow closer.
- Amerie learns that Dusty and Harper are hooking up when he dedicates a very cringe song to her.
- Harper is living with a foster family.
- Quinni and Sasha (Gemma Chua-Tran) start to date, after, Quinni gets overstimulated on their date and reveals that she is autistic to Sasha.
- Darren moves in with their dad.
- Ca$h (Will McDonald) and Darren begin to form a friendship...
- Ca$h also steals Dusty's dad's car, with the help of his eshay friends Chook, Tilla and Jayden.

Episode Three: Eetsway

- Ca$h and his eshay gang use the stolen car to steal clothing from a car.
- Harper moves back into her home and shit is weird with her and her dad.
- Amerie tries to not think about sex, but is too horny to do so, so she ends up sleeping with Malakai at the end of the episode.
- Ca$h and Darren stash the stolen goods on the roof of the school and grow even closer.
- Spider and Malakai are in a metaphorical dick-measuring contest (competition over sport and Amerie).
- Harper and Dusty are officially dating.

Episode Four: Rack Off

- It's Mardi Gras in Sydney!!!!
- Amerie is weirded out when Malakai tries to give her flowers after they sleep together (Amerie those flowers were beautiful, be happy).
- Harper is clearly suffering from PTSD, but it's unknown from what.
- The gang all go to Mardi Gras!
- Sasha is treating Quinni like a child, instead of like her girlfriend, and is spending her whole night with her ex Missy (Sherry-Lee Watson) (the first instance where Quinni should've dumped Sasha).
- The first interaction between Missy and Malakai (this friendship is so beautiful).
- Darren and Ca$h kiss (!!!!!!!!!).
- Malakai gets assaulted by a police officer.
- Malakai and Amerie fight over how to handle the assault, and she accidentally posts the video of him being assaulted.
- Dusty and Harper initiate a threesome with a traumatised Malakai (they are evil for this).

Episode Five: Bin Chicken

- The episode starts with I'm Not in Love by Kelsey Lu in a moment of scoring perfection.
- The video of Malakai getting assaulted goes viral online.
- Malakai is acting weird around Amerie post-threesome.
- Ca$h and Darren organise to go on a date, but they end up taking Ca$h's grandmother to poker night and they have a great date ending with them kissing but Ca$h is clearly hesitant to go further than kissing.
- This distresses Darren and they enlist Quinni and Sasha to help in a thirst trap photoshoot.
- The threesome is revealed in sluts club.
- Missy and Sasha freeze out Harper for her actions in the threesome.
- Ca$h tries to take a thirst trap for Darren but is clearly uncomfortable with sexualising himself.
- Darren comes over to Ca$h's house and grows impatient with their stagnant sex life, which causes a major fight between them.
- Amerie is heartbroken over the threesome drama and officially ends things with Malakai.
- Harper grabs the mic at the schools basketball game and tears Dusty to shreds (I hate to give her props but she kinda ate this).

Episode Six: Angeline

- Another iconic moment of soundtracking courtesy of Les Fleur by Minnie Riperton.
- Quinni's favourite author is coming to town and she's been planning for this day for months.
- Sasha inserts herself in this event and is annoyed by Quinni's excitement about the books, and isn't understanding about her carefully planned routine.
- Sasha and Quinni have a fight when Sasha says it's hard to be with Quinni when she wants to be a normal teenager.
- Amerie throws a party at her house.
- Harper learns she has chlamydia.
- Dusty and Amerie begin to hook up with Harper interrupting them because she doesn't want Amerie to get chlamydia.
- A traumatised and heartbroken Malakai tries to jump off the roof at Amerie's house, onto a trampoline with Missy's brother Jai stopping him and comforting him.

Episode Seven: The Sheriff

- The sluts teacher Jojo (Chika Ikogwe) is accused of having a sexual relationship with Amerie, which involves a police investigation.
- Jojo decides to quit because she is so incensed by the accusation, so the sluts kids decide to protest this as they love Jojo.
- This protest involves the kids going on lockdown in school and refusing to leave until Jojo is their teacher again.
- Quinni goes non-verbal due to her sadness.
- Ca$h tells Darren that he is asexual, ending their relationship.
- It is revealed to Amerie that Dusty was the one who said that Jojo and Amerie were having a sexual relationship.
- Harper is expelled from school and she is at home with her dad. He is acting very odd and she appears very afraid of him.
- The episode ends with Amerie running to Harper's house, and she sees an ambulance out the front of Harper's home. Harper comes out of the house with blood on her face.

Timeline of Amerie + Harper's musical festival prior to Season 1

- Every episode has brief flashbacks to the week before the show starts, when Amerie and Harper were at a festival.
- Harper's father asks her for money, saying it's for milk when it is presumably for meth.
- The day starts with them getting ready, they buy drugs off Ca$h and his eshay friends are leering at Harper.
- The girls are dancing and having fun, they run into Spider and he is very friendly with them.
- Harper decides against taking drugs at the festival, Amerie angrily walks off to get another drink.
- Amerie can't find Harper, and then she meets up with Spider and they go back to Amerie's house to have sex.
- Harper blacks out and wakes up in the back of Chook (one of Ca$h's eshay friends' cars).
- The eshay's imply that they will sexually assault Harper.
- Ca$h is in the car and unlocks the door so Harper can escape (love you Ca$h).
- She manages to escape, tries to go to Amerie's house but Amerie (mid hook-up with Spider) pretends not to be home.
- Spider struggles to perform and Amerie laughs at him.
- Harper heads home and her father is in a meth-induced psychosis and attempts to murder her.
- A traumatised Harper shaves off all of her hair and vows to not speak to Amerie after the events of the prior night.

Episode Eight: Three of Swords

- Harper reveals the story of the festival night to a shocked Amerie, and reveals that she stabbed her father in self-defense earlier that day.
- Amerie urges Harper to tell the police what the eshays did to her, and she goes to the police with Amerie's mum.
- Ca$h sends Harper a video of her unconscious and kidnapped in the car with the eshays.
- Harper and Amerie are besties again.
- The police are trying to arrest Ca$h and he runs to school to declare his love for Darren during sluts class.
- The pair kiss to the Australian national anthem, Strawberry Kisses by Nikki Webster as Ca$h gets arrested.
- Quinni, Darren, Malakai, Harper and Amerie become a group and jump in the ocean together in a moment of unity.
- Malakai and Amerie might be rekindling things...
- Amerie and Harper decide to wreck and burn the lead eshay Chook's car soundtracked to Let It Happen by Tame Impala, as he avoided arrest for his attempted assault of Harper.
- The girlies run off, like Aussie's Gen Z Thelma and Louise.
- Roll credits.
We hope that you have enjoyed this trip down memory lane as much as we enjoyed going through our encyclopaedic knowledge of this show for the article. We hope you enjoy this next season and we will C U NEXT TERM!
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