How Much Does Your Hair Appointment Cost? 33 Aussie Women Share

Image via: @_edwardsandco/Instagram.
Growing up, you might've hated being forced into wearing the black cape at the salon, or maybe you revelled in the attention. I hated getting my hair cut and can recall numerous times when I cried after my hairdresser (aka my poor mum) trimmed an extra inch off my beloved tresses.
Now, I treat going to the hairdressers as a form of self-care. In my eyes, you're not just paying for a haircut — you're paying for a service, an interaction with another human being (hopefully one that's not awkward) and, if you're lucky, a little head massage and snacks.
The cost of a hair salon trip varies considerably — depending on your hair type and what you want done, you can pay anywhere from a few tenners to almost a thousand bucks. Let's not forget to take gender into consideration here too — it's no secret that men's haircuts are almost always cheaper than women's.
For these 33 Australian women, the average cost of a hair appointment came to $201.39, but the average cost of yearly hairdresser appointments was $417.39. Ahead, read about how these women feel about paying these prices — and what they get in return.
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