Everything You Need To Know About The Gen V Cast & Their Incredible Superpowers

Mild spoilers ahead.
Welcome to Godolkin University, where the students train hard, but party harder.
Gen V, a spinoff of The Boys, premieres on Prime Video in Australia on Friday, September 29.
The series follows students at Godolkin University (aka 'God U'), America's only college for superheroes, where the 'supes' go to train to become the next generation of heroes and for a chance to join the elite team of The Seven, alongside Homelander, A-Train and The Deep.
In between partying and being regular university students, the supes learn how to hone their superpowers, which include the ability to change genders and harness the power of their own blood.
When a group of students discovers that something far more sinister is going on at God U, they have to decide whether they want to be supervillains or the superheroes they were destined to be.
Here's your guide to the Gen V characters and their superpowers:

Marie Moreau played by Jaz Sinclair

Marie Moreau is bringing serious main character energy to Gen V.
Eagle-eyed fans of The Boys may have spotted Marie's teeny tiny cameo in the third season. Her profile was briefly shown in the database during Starlight and Hughie's mission at Red River Institute — which implied she was transferred from God U to Red River.
Marie's superpower is the ability to control her own blood. While her superpower puts a lot of pressure on her body, she also has limited regeneration and healing abilities.

Andre Anderson played by Chance Perdomo

Andre is the son of superhero Polarity. He feels a lot of pressure to fill his father's shoes, so he might just have what it takes to make it into The Seven.
His superpower is the ability to manipulate any kind of metal, and some kind of magnetic ability.

Emma Meyer played by Lizzie Broadway

Emma is Marie's roommate. She goes by the nickname Little Cricket and can shrink herself to the size of an ant.
And (spoiler alert) — she can also make herself bigger.

Luke Riordan/Golden Boy played by Patrick Schwarzenegger

Luke, aka 'Golden Boy' of God U, is pretty much guaranteed a spot in The Seven. Patriarchy much?
His superpowers include superhuman strength, immunity to fire, thermokinetic flight (i.e. the ability to fly) and the ability to withstand even the most brutal attacks from other supes.

Cate Dunlap played by Maddie Phillips

Cate is Luke's girlfriend and one of the most confident and charismatic supes at God U.
Her superpower is the ability to command people to do whatever she wants with the touch of her hand. That's why you see her wearing gloves most of the time, so she doesn't unwittingly manipulate someone.
That sounds kind of...handy.

Jordan Li played by London Thor and Derek Luh

Jordan uses the pronouns they/them and their superpower is the ability to switch between male and female bodies.
Each of the genders has their own subset of powers — the male body is indestructible and has exceptional agility, and the female body allows them to launch energy blasts from their hands.
Jordan is super competitive and will do whatever it takes to beat out their competition.

Sam Riordan played by Asa Germann

Sam is a super nice guy who uses his superhuman strength, agility and invulnerability to defeat his enemies.
Coming from a troubled background, Sam is determined to build a better life for himself.
Gen Z premieres on Prime Video on Friday, September 29.
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