We’ve Answered All Your Most Pressing Farmer Wants A Wife Questions

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Farmer Wants A Wife has always been a fan favourite when it comes to dating shows — the fact that we're still going is proof of that. In 2024, we meet five farmers who are not only looking for their special person, but a partner who can embrace their unique lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
From first impressions on dates to the heartwarming farm visits, there's plenty to keep viewers hooked to the series that's hosted by Samantha Armytage (and occasionally, Natalie Gruzlewski). But, there are many questions that still go unanswered about behind-the-scenes details that make Farmer Wants A Wife the addictive reality TV show that it is.
But that mystery ends here. From where the contestants sleep to the long filming hours, we've rounded up the most frequently asked questions about Farmer Wants A Wife and answered them, right here.

What was the sleeping situation with the women like?

In an interview with Refinery29 Australia, Farmer Todd spilled a couple of often-asked questions, including what the sleeping situation is like on the farms.
“We had enough rooms in the house," he told Refinery29 Australia. "The production team brought in a few extra beds just to help everyone have their own bed in the bedrooms.”

Do the camera crew sleep in the house too?

If you're wondering where the camera crew goes during filming, it turns out that they camp outside... literally!
"The camera crew doesn’t [sleep in the house]," Todd told us. "They camp nearby. They camped in town.”

Who decides on the dates?

Farmer Todd has spilt how the dates go down and who has the final say. “The producers asked me what there was to do around here and I’d just throw out some ideas of this and that," he tells us. "They’d just roll on from there.”

How long does filming take?

“It varies but it can go longer than 10 hours – 10 to 12 hours," Farmer Todd says. "By the time you get up and start, it’s a long day.”
As for the entirety of filming, Todd tells us that it took "just over four [weeks].”
Contestants are filmed six days a week, however, they do get some downtime away from the lens, as the cameras are not fixed to them 24 hours a day. The whole season takes approximately six to seven weeks to shoot.

How staged is the show?

One of the most-asked Farmer Wants A Wife questions is in how staged the show is. Luckily, Farmer Todd has spilt all the beans, telling us that it's "somewhat staged".
“They asked what jobs you do on the farm and I had a list of jobs but there was, you know, fencing, which I guess isn’t really camera worthy," Todd says. "It’s pretty boring work.
"The mustering — we all got out there and moved around the cattle, just moved them over paddocks," he continues. "It’s somewhat staged because we didn’t actually have to move the cattle that day, but at the same time, it was still work.”

Are the farmers real?

While this sounds like a trivial question, it's definitely one that has crossed many viewers' minds. In a world where reality TV's authenticity is often questioned, it makes sense that people are curious. We can confirm that each of the men looking for love is actually a farmer in real life.
“Oh yeah, as real as I am," Farmer Todd responded when we asked if it was all legit. "I do contract mustering work off the farm too."
"We’re all on the farm, we’re all doing stuff, but we have other side jobs we go and do because we’re still young and we’re still, I guess, trying to grow," he says.

Is there an age limit to who can apply for Farmer Wants A Wife?

There’s no upper age limit, but the youngest contestant that the show has accepted to date was 20 years old.

What personal items are contestants allowed to bring?

The Farmer Wants A Wife cast members are permitted to bring their own clothing, makeup and hair styling products, and prescription medication only. They're also given the heads-up to pack some farm-friendly clothing for the duration of filming.

Does clothing have to be pre-approved?

While the majority of outfits are sourced by the contestants themselves, a professional stylist and wardrobe assistant do check in on what cast members intend to wear on shoot days, to ensure there are no outfit double-ups and that wardrobe is varied throughout production.

Where do contestants go once they're eliminated?

Farmer Wants A Wife farewells are usually filmed quite late at night, so when a contestant is eliminated from the show, they are picked up by a member of production and taken from the farm to a hotel for an overnight stay, before travelling home the next morning.
Farmer Wants A Wife airs Sunday at 7pm and Monday to Wednesday at 7:30pm on Channel 7 and 7plus.
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