Don’t Hit Snooze On Emma’s World Sleep Day Sale

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When it comes to furnishing your room, the most important piece is your bed, or more specifically, your mattress. On average, a third of your life is spent sleeping on one, so you want to be sure it's a good one.
However, a good quality mattress can set you back upwards of $500, depending on the size you're after. That's why we've always got our eyes peeled for bedding sales, so we can get those bougie bed products at a fraction of the price.
So what sale have we spotted this week? Local Aussie bedding brand Emma Sleep is throwing a huge sale the celebrate World Sleep Day.
From today, March 14 to Sunday, March 19, you can score up to 55% off a range of high quality mattresses, bed bases and pillows, and have them delivered straight to your door. Sounds pretty good, huh?!
Let's unpack Emma's World Sleep Day sale.

Emma Sleep's Mattress Sale

Emma offers three dreamy mattresses — the Emma Diamond Hybrid, the Comfort Premium and the Comfort mattress. Each offers something different, depending on your sleep preferences and budget.
Starting from the top, we have the Diamond Hybrid, the brand's all-rounder, and five-layer hybrid foam/spring mattress that also comes with its specially designed diamond degree cooling technology.
Then, there's the Comfort Premium mattress, which is made with high-quality foam layers and an extra layer of springs for maximum adaptability.
And finally, we have Emma's best-selling mattress, the Comfort. It's the more affordable option of the three while maintaining Emma's high standard of quality.

Emma Sleep's Bed Base Sale

Emma has three bed bases to choose from — the Signature Bed Base, the Wooden Bed, and the Wooden Bed Base. All three bed bases are simple in design, supportive and easy to assemble.

Emma Sleep's Pillow Sale

Emma also offers three glorious pillows, including the foam pillow, the cloud hybrid and the diamond pillow. All you have to do is pick the one that's right for you.
First up, we have the Diamond pillow that's made with three mix-and-match layers, so you can add what works, remove what doesn't, and have all your height and firmness needs met perfectly.
Then, you've got the Emma Cloud Hybrid Pillow, which combines the lightness of a microfibre pocket and the support of memory foam.
And finally, there's the Emma Foam pillow. It was made for all types of sleepers — side, back, stomach, tosser — and is adjustable for height and firmness.
Emma also has a range of mattress toppers, protectors and duvets on sale if you're in the market.

Interested? The sale runs for just five more days, so head here to shop the full collection.
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