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5 Business Owners Share The Big Lessons That Work For Any Job

Starting a business can be challenging, and for women and marginalised people, the barriers to success can be even more significant. That’s why we’re here to help, with stories and tips from people who’ve been there. Introducing Square One: a series created in partnership with Square to help inspire small and medium enterprises to realise their potential.
Helming a business is hard work. People pour so much time, energy and money into building their venture, but on average, 35% of Australian businesses don't survive longer than five years.
Today, we're chatting with five female business owners who have managed to make it work despite the odds. Running the show has given these women a chance to reflect on their working lives — and what skills have helped them along the way.
Ahead, here are the lessons these entrepreneurs learned the hard way, that apply no matter your industry, role or ambitions.
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