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Starting a business can be challenging, and for women and marginalised people, the barriers to succeed can be even more significant. That’s why we’re here to help, with stories and tips from people who’ve been there.
Introducing Square One: a series created in partnership with Square to help inspire small and medium enterprises realise their potential.

Meet Melb's Slow-Fashion Sisters

Launching back in 2015, Collective Closets has become a force in the slow fashion space, known for quality pieces that celebrate African-Australian heritage and the coolness of Melbourne street style.

A Cult Hair Product

How Perth-Born Maeva Heim Created A Cult Hair Product & Got Sephora To Back It

“I couldn’t find any brands on the market catering to my hair type that I could relate to. I just wanted to know how to wash my hair, and felt like brands weren’t providing that guidance in a super simple, time-efficient way.” After that, BREAD was born.

The Female-Founded Sex Toy Brand Giving Aussies The Sex Ed They Never Had

Answers we once had to hunt for in sealed sections of magazines are now out in the open thanks to people like Lucy Wark, founder of sexual wellness brand NORMAL. In tandem with creating a sex toy brand, she created a modern guide to sex, which is free, led by a sex coach and accessible to anyone online.

How These Perth Designers Got Miley Cyrus, Dua Lipa & Paris Hilton To Wear Their Clothes

Making a name for themselves with pieces covered in sequins, fluffy pink pom-poms, and dreamy pastel hues, the brand's custom make-to-order service ensures everyone can get in on the fun or, according to Rachel, "feel like a fucking queen."

Inside Syd's Go-To Comfort-Food Hub

It started as a bit of a joke that snowballed,” said Elise, explaining how bona-fide (and totally ‘grammable) Sydney-icon Grumpy Donuts came to be. Since launching Grumpy Donuts in 2015, Elise has gone on to open Valentina’s (a cosy all-day diner in Marrickville) and the group Deep Fried Hospo, with her eyes set on bringing more goodies to the masses over the next few years.

Want To Start Your Own Small Business? Here’s Advice From 4 Women Who’ve Done It

In 2021, a whopping 365,480 new small businesses were started in Australia, a 3.8% increase on the previous year. While there's no black and white answer as to why that may be, there's no denying that Aussies are more willing than ever to take the leap of faith into manning their own ship.

5 Business Owners Share The Big Lessons That Work For Any Job

We chatted with five female business owners who have managed to make it work despite the odds. Running the show has given these women a chance to reflect on their working lives — and what skills have helped them along the way.

I Left The Music Industry To Make Doughnuts For A Living & Here’s How I Did It

Ditching a seemingly stable job to go out on your own and do things differently is always a difficult feat — especially when it's in an industry you've put years of passion and dedication into.

6 Women On How They Balance A Full-Time Job With A Side Hustle

We spoke with six people who have balanced a full-time job with a side hustle to unearth the strategies that make this double life more efficient and sustainable. Ahead, tips from real people that can help make the full-time-freelance shuffle a bit more manageable.

Jewellery That Tells A Story

So many memories of people that I love are linked to the jewellery they wore,” says Tania Gnecchi Ruscone, founder and designer of fine jewellery label RUUSK. Come with us as she shares what sparked her love of custom jewellery, the thrill of expanding the store internationally and why connecting with customers is the best part of the job.

A Sydney Jewellery Designer On What It’s Like To Create Future Heirlooms

Jewellery is more than just the finishing touch to a perfect outfit. While a glint of gold can make you feel put together, it’s the meaning we place on jewellery that bears the most value.

How These African-Australian Sisters Are Rebelling Against The Relentless Trend Cycle

"Slow fashion is about creating timeless pieces that our customers can wear forever. Our garments are trans-seasonal and well-tailored, manufactured at the rate that they are sold to minimise wastage and lower our environmental impact."

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