We’re Calling It — Biscoff Blonde Will Be The Shade Of The Summer

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Celebrity hair transformations are nothing new, but when three different celebrities step out with the same fresh hair colour within the space of a week, it's probably time to take notice.
Over the last few days, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Keke Palmer have all attended events sporting brand-new hair colours and they all have one thing in common: each of the women has dyed their hair a very specific, biscuity shade of caramel blonde. We're dubbing it 'Biscoff Blonde', and yes, it's just as delicious as it sounds.
Kardashian was seen with this new colour while attending the 2023 GQ Men Of The Year Awards, and Rihanna debuted her style at the Las Vegas F1. Meanwhile, Keke Palmer made an appearance at the BET Soul Train Awards with her new caramel-hued locks.
Between latte makeup, strawberry makeup and glazed doughnut nails, the beauty industry has been taking inspiration from everything food-related this year, and evidently, that shows no sign of slowing down. "I literally have clients in my chair asking to look like a Caramilk Cadbury Chocolate or a pot of creamed honey," colour expert and founder of QUE Colour, Monique McMahon, tells Refinery29 Australia.
So, what do you need to know about the rising Biscoff Blonde hair colour trend? We tapped three Australian hairstylists for their thoughts on the trending shade. Below, Stephanie Bacelic, Monique McMahon, and Lauren Mackellar, offer their insights into this season's It-shade, Biscoff Blonde.

Have you noticed the rise of the Biscoff Blonde trend recently?

According to our experts, it isn't just these three celebrities asking for this particular hair colour in the lead-up to summer. "This time of year is generally when we see a lot more of these types of trends because they work so well as transitional colours, that work in line with our season changes," Mackellar explains. Stephanie Bacelic agrees, adding that she's noticed an increase in requests for warmer-toned blonde recently.
"Right now there is a huge colour movement referencing all things buttery, biscuity, and just yummy colours!" McMahon adds.

What is the best way to achieve this colour at the salon?

All the hairstylists agree that there will be a different process in achieving this colour depending on whether you are already blonde or not. In short, for people starting with a lighter hair colour, opting into this trend is less of a commitment than those starting at a darker tone.
"If you are blonde already or a cool-toned blonde wanting to play with the warmer biscuit shades, ask your colourist for a change in your usual toner, deepening the roots and playing with warmer colours to reflect the shade," McMahon says. "And ask your colourist to add in some warm-toned lowlight."
"If you already have blonde or highlighted hair, you could expect to have a semi-permanent root stretch and toner applied and may need reapplication to achieve your desired depth and tone," Mackellar adds as an alternative.
However, if you're a brunette, the shade might take quite a little longer to achieve. "If you have darker hair, it will probably be a bit more work and upkeep," Mackellar says. "You may need some highlights, a permanent colour on the roots to lighten, and a toner on the ends to balance."
It's always best to have patience though, as Bacelic notes: "Depending on whether the client's hair is already colour-treated, they may need more than one sitting to achieve this look. To maintain the condition of their hair, the transformation should ideally be done with care and over a few visits."

What is the best way to maintain the shade?

Once your hair has been coloured, the next thing to consider is the upkeep, and with a new shade like this, that can come in many different forms.
"You should also ask your hairdresser if they stock colour-toning treatments suitable for your shade," Mackellar says. "This will help hydrate your hair, and also maintain the colour [at home] — so you may not have to require as many toning appointments. As long as you can find the right product to match your hair."
Keeping your hair in good condition between salon visits will also help you to maintain your new colour for longer. "To maintain the shade and health of your hair when going for this colour, it’s important to hydrate your hair and remove any brassy tones," adds Bacelic, suggesting Revlon's Re/Start Strengthening Purple Cleanser, $51.96, and Re/Start Color Protective Melting Conditioner, $64.95.
"The dual-action shampoo helps to treat the scalp microbiome, strengthen hair and neutralise brassiness, while the conditioner will protect your hair from oxidising agents and reduce hair porosity, leaving it radiant and easier to manage," she explains.
McMahon suggests that finishing your hair appointment with a treatment like the Christophe Robin baby blonde, mixed with Christophe Robin golden blonde will work to create "a buttery Biscoff gloss for the hair, toning and treating and intensifying the luminosity of the hair."
At home, McMahon suggests the golden blonde shade variation mask by Christophe Robin, $67, explaining that "the golden blonde shade variation mask by Christophe Robin is the absolute star of the show when it comes to maintaining these tones at home."
She continues, "This product is a hybrid toner and deep treatment, and can be used either for five minutes as a conditioner or left in for 30 minutes as a deep treatment"
On the matter of hair quality, Mackellar notes that if your hair is dry, it is more likely that your colour will fade out quickly, and your toner won't last as long. "I would be recommending hydrating and nourishing products, and suggesting that my clients avoid swimming and over-washing (and definitely avoiding shampoos with sulphates, which may strip your colour)," she says. Mackellar also explains that she created her brand, Robe, for this exact reason, and would "recommend the Robe Youthful Shampoo, $59.99, and Youthful Conditioner, $59.99, and Leave-In Treatment, $69.99."
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