5 Hot & Heavy Fragrances That Make Winter Kind Of Sexy

Taken at face value, winter is not sexy. It's chapped lips and Seasonal Affective Disorder, eternal rain and perpetual hat hair, the end of beach days and coming to terms with how shitty the insulation in your place is.
But peel back the layers — starting with the puffer coat that makes you feel like the Marshmallow Man, then the wool-blend sweater that gives you hives on your neck when you sweat through it — and take a seat in front of the heater, and maybe, just maybe, you'll start to feel some semblance of the curl-up-by-the-fire cuffing season vibes all those Hollywood movies promised. (This will require some degree of delusion.)
And, if all else fails, reach for the right fragrance: something hot and well-spiced, carnal but cozy, like the olfactory version of a hot toddy, heavy on the whiskey, please. Ahead, here are our favourite winter fragrances.
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