These Are The Best Book To TV Adaptations Ever

Photo: Courtesy of Hulu.
As you binge your favourite shows, do you find yourself Googling to find out of it's based on a real story, real events, or how real the history of it is? From fact to fiction, it seems like some of the best TV shows have been based on books.
Streaming services, in their race to provide us with as much great content as we can consume, are turning to the world of literature more and more to adapt great ideas to the small screen.  On Apple TV+, books are the inspiration behind Servant and The Morning Show. Amazon Prime has Good Omens and Netflix turned to literary greats to bring you Watchmen, and Big Little Lies
No matter where you look, it seems like literature is winning the streaming wars. Click through for some of the absolute best adaptations from the page to the screen.

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