Tall Girls Club: The Best Places To Shop If You’re 5’10” And Over

As someone who's 1.78m tall (5'10") and a size 14, shopping can be a bloody nightmare. Trips to the shopping centre are usually accompanied by a crying fit in the changeroom — jeans that don't fit over my hips, dresses that look like t-shirts, and playsuits that are clearly made for people with tiny torsos. Online shopping can be a gamble, and any new brand has to be seriously vetted before I try it out, including scrutinising its sizing charts (where are the length measurements, people?!).
If you're also feeling the Tall Girl Woes™, have no fear — you're in good company. I've put together a list of my top places to shop as a tall (and mid-size) woman to transform your next shopping sesh from nightmare fuel to the stuff of dreams.
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