105 Questions To Ask Your Crush When You Don’t Know What To Say

Having a crush on someone can simultaneously be the best and the worst feeling in the world. While that jittery, butterflies-in-your-stomach warmth can make you feel giddy and happy, it can equally be the most nerve-racking thing ever. This is especially the case if you're trying to get the attention of your crush and you're feeling so nervous that you're not quite sure of what to say.
The first stage of a crush is the perfect time to find out more about the person you like, what their interests are, and whether you would be compatible — so it doesn't help that this crucial talking stage can sometimes feel so hard to navigate. What if you say the wrong thing? Or what if you can't think of anything to say but you desperately want to keep the conversation going?
We totally know what it's like, so to help you have the best conversations with your crush either over text or IRL, we've put together a list of questions you can use the next time you talk. From silly to informative, flirty to thought-provoking, here are 105 questions you can ask your crush.
1. What's your star sign?
3. What kind of music are you into?
4. What's your favourite album?
5. Where did you grow up?
6. Do you have any siblings?
7. What was your favourite subject at school?
8. Have you ever been overseas?
10. Would you ever get a tattoo?
11. What was the first concert you ever went to?
12. Are you a dog or a cat person?
13. What's your favourite food?
14. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
15. When was your last relationship?
16. Who's your celebrity crush?
17. What's your biggest dealbreaker in a relationship?
18. Do you have a dating 'type'?
19. Have you ever been in love?
20. What kind of career do you want to have?
21. What's your ideal first date?
22. Have you ever been to Mardi Gras? (a good queer/ally test!)
23. What's your favourite TV show?
24. What kind of sports are you into?
25. Do you play video games?
26. Are you close with your family?
27. How did you meet your best friend?
28. What was your first job?
29. Are you a beach person?
30. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
31. What's your favourite thing to do on the weekends?
32. Do you think you'll ever have kids someday?
33. When is your birthday?
34. Are you a sweet or savoury person?
35. What did you want to be when you were a kid?
36. What's your favourite restaurant to eat at?
37. Are you a morning or a night person?
38. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
39. What's your biggest pet peeve?
40. What's the best gift you've ever been given?
41. What would you do if you won the lottery?
42. Do you play any instruments?
43. When was your first kiss?
44. What's the best advice you've ever gotten?
45. What's your biggest regret?
46. Are you religious?
47. What's at the top of your bucket list?
48. What do you find most attractive in a person?
49. Do you enjoy being single?
50. How did your parents meet?
51. Do you have any hobbies?
52. What's your biggest fear?
53. Do you like to cook?
54. What's the best compliment you've ever received?
55. What's the worst date you've ever been on?
56. Do you think you're a competitive person?
57. What's been your biggest accomplishment in life so far?
58. Would you say you're a romantic person?
59. What's the wildest thing you've ever done?
60. What's your favourite ice cream flavour?
61. Do you prefer going out or staying in?
62. Do you have any hidden talents?
63. What's your favourite season of the year?
64. Are you an animal person? What's your favourite animal that's not a cat or a dog?
65. What does your ideal holiday look like?
66. What's the best thing you've ever bought yourself?
67. Did you go to university?
68. Are you an adventurous person?
69. Do you think you'll ever get married one day?
70. Would you ever be in an open relationship?
71. What's your favourite podcast?
72. What's your favourite road trip destination?
73. Do you know what your top love languages are?
74. Would you ever do a long-distance relationship?
75. Do you believe in horoscopes?
76. What are your favourite social media accounts to follow?
77. What's your favourite kind of exercise?
78. Have you ever used a dating app before?
79. How did you come out?
80. What's your favourite board game?
81. Do you consider yourself an artistic person?
82. What are your biggest turn-offs?
83. Who did you vote for in the last election?
84. What song have you been listening to non-stop lately?
85. What's your favourite way to unwind after a stressful day?
86. What do you think you spend way too much money on?
87. Do you believe in soulmates?
88. How would you describe your sense of humour?
89. What book or movie has changed your life?
90. What one musician would you most like to see live?
91. What's your favourite holiday of the year?
92. Do you enjoy scary movies?
93. What was your favourite birthday?
94. How would you spend your last day on Earth?
95. What's your worst bad habit?
96. What's your favourite place to go shopping?
97. Where do you think you'll be five years from now?
98. Do you believe in fate or destiny?
99. Who would you want to play you in a movie?

100. Do you like going camping?

101. What's your favourite colour?
102. If you could travel back in time, what era would you go back to?
103. What's something you're looking forward to right now?
104. What's something most people don't know about you?
105. Do you have a crush on anyone at the moment?
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