5 Mini Humidifiers To Make Your Desk A Moisture-Filled Oasis

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In the winter, most of us are inundated with a surplus of dry skin and lacklustre indoor heating: Whether you're setting foot outside of your front door or are stuck in a moving sauna (otherwise known as trains and buses), stagnant air is the last thing we want more of. As the year comes to a close; indoor heaters are cranked up, the chilly air whips at your skin, and perhaps worst of all, your nose and throat feel bone-dry. What's a concerned gal to do? For starters, investing in a humidifier might be potentially life-changing.
Whether you're a small space-dweller, have an arid desk situation going, or are looking for a good travel option, these 5 personal-sized humidifier picks offer the sweet, sweet relief you crave from dry air. Your cold-weather respite, right this way...

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