The Best Jackets To Get You Through The Most Confusing Time Of Year

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The season of tank tops and slip skirts has unfortunately come to end. And though it's fair to say that we were somewhat robbed of our Hot Girl summer, for better or worse, the autumn chill has begun to settle in. Sure it's a nice change from the sweltering heat, but the transition into winter also makes for some dubious weather forecasts, making getting dressed a lot more difficult.
Facing sunshine, rain, heat, wind, light showers and even the occasional hailstorm, autumn Down Under is no friend to those of us who like to stay prepared. Of course, the best way to get on with life, unencumbered by the confusing sights out the window, is by investing in the most versatile wardrobe item there is: a jacket.
Jackets are hands-down the ultimate wardrobe staple. Keeping you warm while still being lightweight enough to wear all year round, they're the 'just right' clothing item to keep on hand at all times, but especially in-between seasons. And, since they don't need to be as practical as their older cousin, the coat, you can go bold with the plethora of options out there.
So, for the wardrobe staple you'll actually get the mileage out of,  look no further than these jacket styles ahead that are fit for all occasions and read to complete any autumn outfit. 
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