12 Of The Best Brands To Score All Of Your Clothing Basics

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For many of us, an interest in fashion often compels us to buy first, think later, only to be stumped with what to wear when facing a closet full of microtrend pieces and statement accessories. But as we've learned, one of the best things you can do for yourself is create a solid foundation of wardrobe basics that you can style and restyle over and over again with ease.
In 2022, though, basics don’t need to be… well, basic. From the subversive basics trends to sculptural styling, we’re seeing the idea of a traditional ‘capsule wardrobe’ turned on its head. Instead of neutral this paired with plain that, and colours ranging from beige to black, the new guard of wardrobe basics celebrates individuality and creativity, while also addressing overconsumption by promoting re-wearing and re-purposing.
Not only are we shifting the way we see and wear staples, but we're also leaning further into the 'buy less, buy better' mantra by investing in brands that employ sustainable production methods and design pieces with longevity in mind.
But if you don't know where to start, it's all good; we've got you! Scroll on for 12 of the R29 team's favourite brands to turn to when in need of contemporary basics.
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