40 Father’s Day Gifts Under $50, According To Your Dad’s Interests

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Quick: What did you buy your dad for Father's Day? If your answer is a flustered, "Wait, when is that?!" then you're in the right place for last-minute, inexpensive, and unique Father's Day gifts. With less than three weeks until the celebratory day, it's time to start shopping for your favourite father figures, whether that be your dad, grandfather, uncles, godfather, brother, and/or friends.
We've compiled some of the best Father's Day gifts under $50 that will have any dad — from the grill masters and adventure-seekers to the drink connoisseurs and music lovers — overjoyed to receive. The broad range of gifts is based on other dad-adjacent interests, such as gardening, technology, handyman work, and, of course, dad jokes. Plus, there are skin-care gifts for dads who need some pampering but don't know where to start.
Scroll on to find a boatload of chic, cheap Father's Day gifts. You'll find custom presents from Etsy as well as many from Amazon with quick, overnight delivery. But many of these Amazon Father's Day gifts fall in the "under-$50" category because they're currently on sale for a limited time. So act fast — happy shopping!

Classic Father's Day Gifts Under $50

You can't go wrong with classic Father's Day gifts like a pair of dress socks or a coffee cup. But they can get a bit boring, so we've included under-$50 tried-and-true options that aren't so basic — including a leather key chain and fishing-themed socks. Alternatively, go for your dad's favourite lollies from his childhood or a personalised keychain with a photo of both of you.

Sporty & Outdoorsy Gifts Under $50

For the adventurous dad, consider his specific interests. Does he love running? Get him a breathable hat to wear on his daily jogs. Does he like camping? A Cast Iron Camp Oven is a great idea. Does Dad consider himself a bit of a fisherman? A new tackle box to store all his lures in is an excellent idea. No matter his outdoorsy interests, there are plenty of thoughtful, under-$50 products perfect to gift him for Father's Day.

Alcohol & Liquor Accessory Gifts Under $50

If your dad's an at-home bartender, consider a fancy-yet-chic cocktail kit to help him craft his favourite drink. Other elevated options are a whiskey glass with engraved initials, a shower drink holder for those amazing shower beers, or a trio of his favourite whiskeys.

Handy Man Gifts Under $50

For the renaissance man who somehow knows how to fix up everything around the house, gift him some tools that'll put a smile on his face, like this engraved measuring tape. Father's Day is also a time to give your dad things he potentially wouldn't buy for himself, so consider upgrading his tool belt with a more modern, spacious bag. Or a new tool kit to replace that old rusty one.

Cooking & Grilling Gifts Under $50

If your dad loves whipping up burgers or pizzas during the summer, upgrade his cooking game with brand-new grill accessories. Plus, for the serious chef in your life, let's not forget how important a sharp knife is. Gift a set of sharpening stones. A (non-tacky) apron is also a great Father's Day gift.

Punny & Dad Joke Gifts Under $50

Your dad probably tells a lot of dad jokes. But rather than roll your eyes, embrace them and let him tell them all through a pun card game or a dad joke calendar. For those who appreciate a good pun, consider a gift that's a play on words, or had a good dad joke on it.

Tech Accessory Gifts Under $50

Maybe your dad collects a ton of gadgets. Look for accessory gifts that'll amp up his existing tech. Go for a stainless steel-style Apple Watch band or a smart home device. Or if you want to help him get with the times, a two-in-one wireless charger would be a great idea to help him to be as efficient as possible.

Coffee Lover Gifts Under $50

All right, coffee lovers love coffee gifts, whether that be coffee beans, makers, or mugs. If your dad is experimental in the kitchen, gift him a French press or a milk frother to concoct brilliant at-home brews.

Music Lover Gifts Under $50

Now you could go very literal with a music gift, giving vinyl or streaming subscriptions. Or you could opt for music-themed gifts like vinyl coasters or a mini retro speaker. A more sentimental option would be some wall art with Dad's favourite song printed on it.

Yard Work & Gardening Gifts Under $50

If your dad is handy and loves precisely mowing the lawn or therapeutically gardening new flowers, there's a perfect gift for him, too. Tools like a sturdy pair of gloves or a plant health care kit are great options, as is a little self-waterer for the indoor plants to help save the ones he might forget about from time to time.

Spicy Food Gifts Under $50

This gift category applies to the spice-loving dads out there — the ones who douse their meals in hot sauce. There are plenty of beloved spicy sauces like chilli oil, hot honey, and truffle oil that'll make your dad's tongue sting and heart happy.

Men's Skincare Gifts Under $50

Men typically don't focus on the importance of skin care daily, so it's time to help them along this journey. Whether your dad is clean-shaven on the daily or is growing out his beard, there are products that'll nourish his face and facial hair. You could also gift him a body wash, or a good quality SPF!

Fancy Father's Day Gifts Under $50

For the dad that seemingly has it all (or is very picky), gift him "fancy" gifts with a unique touch. Does he already have a chessboard? Get him a foldable and magnetic one with something engraved on it. Does he love jotting things down? Try a leather-bound notebook. Does he drink whiskey? Why not choose a cool vintage whiskey barrel? Voilà, you're done!
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