Perth’s Best Escape Rooms To Visit For A Thrilling Friday Night

Hear us out: escape rooms are good for more than just team building exercises, they're also great for dates. If you want to see how someone copes under pressure, whether they can solve complex problems without losing their cool, or figure out if you can really work as a team, this kind of challenge will give you those answers.
So, if you’re looking for a fun way to spend an evening — whether it’s with a prospective date for the aforementioned reasons, a group of friends or even your siblings (we have also done this — it's amazing how quickly we all revert to our childhood dynamics) — look no further than an escape room. If you’re in Perth, and you've already exhausted all your restaurant and breakfast café options, here are a bunch to choose from.

Escape This

Boasting two locations — Northbridge and Perth CBD — Escape This is serving up hour-long experiences with two categories to choose from: horror and adventure. If you’re feeling particularly confident, take a run at the Dracula room — the difficulty level is off the charts. 
48 Lake St, Northbridge

Mystic Clue

The OG of Perth escape rooms, Mystic Clue has three rooms with unique challenges for people to think their way out of. Whether you’re in the mood to crack the magicians code, break into a vault or escape a plane before it crashes, there will no doubt be some immersive experience to tickle your fancy here. 
143 Great Eastern Highway, Rivervale

Glowing Rooms

If you’re looking for something a bit different from your usual escape room, Glowing Rooms has got you covered. This place has a series of VR Escape Rooms, which means the sky is literally the limit in terms of what they can throw at you. Fully immersive, you could find yourself doing anything from dodging giant fan blades to climbing up a rope to escape a flooded cave. There is also glow in the dark mini golf.
1 Emplacement Cres, Hamilton Hill

Ultimate Roomscape

Are you the type of person who’s on a treadmill in the gym and when someone gets onto the one next to you, you must immediately race them in your head? In other words, do you have a competitive streak a mile long? Ultimate Roomscape is the one you want. Go with a group of friends and take up the Pipeline challenge, where not only do you race against the clock, but also against each other. Who doesn’t want a chance at getting lifelong boasting rights?
6/9 Bonner Dr, Malaga

Realmz Escape Game

Realmz Escape Game has a technologically enhanced escape room experience, which is unsurprising consider the owner, Glen Martin, has worked on hit shows like Supernatural and Dr Who in animatronics, model making and illustration. With three different rooms to choose from and 60 minutes on the clock, you’ll be plunged into a fully immersive storyline with custom-made puzzles and props. 
63 Russell St, Morley

Escape Hunt

Escape Hunt offers something slightly different, actually operating a series of outdoor game experiences, which will see you geolocation tracking your way across Fremantle. Definitely a unique way to check out the Freo sights, all while solving a puzzle as you go.
U29A/36 The Piazza, South Terrace, Fremantle

Strike Bowling Escape Rooms

Ever finished an escape room experience and then been struck with the desire to belt out your feelings in a rendition of I Want to Break Free? Luckily, you can do just that at Strike Bowling Escape Rooms, where there's also karaoke onsite, as well as bowling and mini-gold. Honestly, say less.
200 Karrinyup Rd, Karrinyup WA 6018

Time’s Up

Time’s Up has four immersive Escape Rooms, and boy are they on the trickier side, with only a 45% escape rate overall (one room only has a 21% escape rate). Calling all my competitive folks back again.
24 Dundebar Rd, Wanneroo

Lost Reality

Want your escape room experience to really feel like you’re in a movie or television show? Lost Reality is your go-to then, with a Game of Thrones-esq room, a Sherlock Holmes room and even one where a mysterious game with beating drums transports you into a jungle (sound familiar?). Escapism escape rooms? Sign us up.  
Unit 7/1451 Albany Hwy, Cannington
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