The R29 Guide To The Best Aussie Shoe Brands

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Shoes are the ultimate investment... if chosen right, that is. Unlike the latest viral outfit or TikTok-famous beauty product, shoes tend to require a little more consideration, since the aim is to keep them in rotation for years. But beyond which shoe style you choose, deciding where to nab them can be an overwhelming endeavour.
Fortunately, with our temperamental weather and tricky topography, Australian designers have nailed footwear. Not only are we leaders in sustainably produced footwear, but we're also spoilt for choice with a wide range, from cutting-edge designs in bold hues to elevated officewear options.
To provide a helping hand in your shopping journey, we'd like to share our favourite homegrown heroes. Scroll on for 15 Aussie footwear brands everyone should have in their wardrobes.
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