7 Special Perfumes Editors Predict Will Be The Next Baccarat Rouge

Photographed by Kristine Romano.
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Let's be honest — no one wants to smell like everyone else. However, lately there has been one exception.
Maison Francis Kurkdjian's Baccarat Rouge 540, once the best-kept secret in beauty, is now the favourite perfume on TikTok and, well, everywhere else. That includes Rihanna's dressing table. 
The timeless scent strikes the perfect balance between warm, woody and sweet. Boasting notes of jasmine (a syrupy floral), saffron (earthy), ambergris (musky with hits of tobacco) and cedar (nice and cooling), the blend is now a cultural phenomenon. It's guaranteed to earn you floods of compliments – although at $368 for a 70ml bottle, we'd like to think so. 
That said, perfume favourites and viral hits come and go, which leaves us wondering: which fragrance will be our next obsession? Beauty editors are in the know for sure. Forget skincare or hair — we're the most passionate (read: opinionated) about fragrance. With exclusive early access and world-class perfumers at our fingertips (not to mention vast stashes of samples), you can trust editors to know what's worth dropping your cash on — whether you're looking for something high end or a little more affordable.
So to make sure you sniff your way through the very best perfumes — whether you're into under-the-radar brands or more established ones — we quizzed a handful of editors on the fragrances they predict are going (and deserve) to be cult hits very soon. You never know, one of them might be the next Baccarat Rouge...and you wore it first. 

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