Australian Gladiators Returns In 2024 — Here’s Everything We Know So Far

If you're a child of the 90s, you probably have hazy memories of gathering around the TV with your family to watch a bunch of regular Aussies try to beat the 'Gladiators' in a series of increasingly difficult challenges in the ultimate test of speed, strength and stamina. It was Australian family TV at its best.
Now Channel Ten is bringing back the family favourite Australian Gladiators in 2024, with new hosts, new Gladiators, and a whole bunch of brave Aussies who are prepared to go head to head with the Gladiators in the arena.
Here's everything we know about Australian Gladiators 2024 so far:

When Will Australian Gladiators Premiere?

Australian Gladiators will premiere on Monday, 15 January at 7:30pm On 10 And 10 Play.

What Is Australian Gladiators?

The original Australian Gladiators series was based on the UK version and premiered in Australia in 1995.
The series was filmed at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, and was hosted by Kimberley Joseph, Mike Hammond and Aaron Pedersen, and refereed by Mike Whitney from Who Dares Wins.
The show saw Contenders take on the Gladiators in a series of increasingly difficult tests including Hang Tough, Duel, The Wall, Power Ball, Pyramid and The Eliminator.
Over its two-year run, Australians fell in love with the show's format and its Gladiators, who had fun names like Vulcan, Storm, and Hammer.
The series was briefly rebooted in 2008. This version was based on the US format and was filmed in The Dome in Sydney. It was hosted by Tom Williams and Zoe Naylor, and the referees included Bill Harrigan and John Forsythe.
Unfortunately, after one season it disappeared from our TV screens — until now.

Who Are The Hosts Of Australian Gladiators 2024?

The brand new version of Australian Gladiators will be hosted by Beau Ryan (who also hosts The Amazing Race Australia) and Liz Ellis.
"It’s an iconic franchise and I’m excited about the reboot,” Ellis said in a media release announcing the 2024 reboot.
“It is set to showcase some of my favourite Gladiator challenges from the original series as well as throw up a few new ones for us to fall in love with!”
Ryan added: “I am beyond excited to be hosting Gladiators Australia alongside the great Liz Ellis. Liz is a national treasure, and we are going to have a lot of fun.
"I grew up watching and loving Gladiators Australia and can’t wait to get into it. It’s going to be spectacular."

Who Are The Gladiators?

The new team of Gladiators is made up of an impressive line-up of Australian athletes and sportspeople, including ironman Jett Kenny, former Hockeyroo Katelin van Zyl, and former professional basketballer Tatyanna Dumas.
Other Gladiators include powerlifting champion Jaymi Morris, Commonwealth Games weightlifter and gymnast Alethea Boon and stunt actor Chanique Greyling.

Where Can I Watch Australian Gladiators?

The new season of Australian Gladiators will air on Channel Ten and 10Play.
Remember to keep checking back here as we continue updating the behind-the-scenes details about Australian Gladiators 2024.
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