The New Way To Use Mascara, According To TikTok

Image via: @divinamuse/TikTok.
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There's something to be said about the imagination of TikTok users. They're a creative bunch, especially when it comes to beauty. Rainbow contouring, homemade BB cream and Vaseline lash lifts are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to TikTok innovation.
The latest makeup hack to make the Internet rounds is the anti-mascara trend. With its hashtag boasting 3.2 million views and counting, anti-mascara makeup isn't anti-mascara per see, it's just anti putting mascara on your eyelashes. Instead, beauty enthusiasts are moving away from the 'clean girl' aesthetic and moving toward something more dystopian and futuristic.

What is anti-mascara makeup?

Anti-mascara makeup is a form of graphic eyeshadow that uses a mascara wand and its formula for application. Spearheading the tread is Canadian artist and creator Divina, who has now created eight unique eye looks using this method.
It's an unconventional take on mascara, for sure, but experimentation and creativity are to be encouraged. We're especially fond of this trend because it allows people to use existing makeup products.

How do you create an anti-mascara makeup look?

Take a scroll through these TikTok tutorials that might inspire your next eye makeup experimentation. Here, beauty creator Frishta shows off a blue mascara graphic 'eyeliner' look that took five minutes to apply. Using the tip of her mascara wand, she gently nabs the mascara formula onto her lids, going over her line work to enhance the colouring.
@frishtaxx THIS IS THE QUICKEST ive ever taken doing my eye makeup😍 literally took 5 mins 🙊Ib @divinamuse @Tia Shea ♬ original sound - Phoebe
For an eyeshadow shading look, users are rolling the full length of their mascara wand from their upper lash line to their brows. The technique is hard to nail, with the mascara applying unevenly to the lid. For a fuller look, take eyeshadow in a similar hue and blend the smokey eye in with the mascara marks.
With Halloween not too far away, why not embrace the darkness with a haunting makeup look? Here, users are creating a splattered wave shape using the tip of a mascara wand.
@natashajanewood Anti-Mascara? Technique from @divinamuse 💜 @naomi jon #fyp ♬ Devil Doesn’t Bargain - Alec Benjamin
Our expectations of makeup have changed. Eyeliner wings no longer have to be perfectly pristine and eyebrows no longer need to be snatched — so our eye looks should also be afforded the same level of fun. We say, why not?
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