“I’m Sick Of It” — The Block’s Brett’s Wild Outburst At The Crew

The Block's Brett has been forced to apologise to the crew after he yelled at them during an on-camera 'wake-up'.
On Wednesday night's episode, the crew entered House 3 to film Brett and his wife Kristy waking up, when Brett lashed out and told them to "leave [him] the fuck alone".
A female crew member then explained to a blurry-eyed Brett that they film all the contestants as they're waking up and they weren't singling him out.
“I’m trying to find some fucking space from you. Every morning! Go harass someone else, for fuck’s sake,” Brett continued.
“Leave me the fuck alone. I’m sick of it. Do you ever stop?” 
“No…it’s my job,” another crew member then said, trying to reason with him.
Later, during a piece to camera, a producer asked Brett whether he knew the early morning 'wake-ups' would be part of the show before he applied to be a contestant.
“I didn’t, and I didn’t expect it to be every day,” he said, explaining that he hadn't watched the home renovation show much before becoming a contestant.
A few hours later, site foreman Dan told Brett he needed to apologise to the crew for his outburst.
“I can’t even have two minutes to myself. It’s been every morning this week – I’ve been woken up every day, tired, with a lot on, and I just fucking lost my cool a bit,” Brett explained to Dan.
“Well, we just can’t have that with the crew. They’re just doing their job – when you get a chance, go apologise,” Dan said.
Later, footage of Brett apologising to one of the crew members was shown. In the footage, Brett told the crew member he understood it was 'very disrespectful' to talk to the crew like that.
“The thing is, I get it,” the crew member replied.
“Sometimes it’s too much – but don’t talk like that. I don’t talk to you like that. If you’d have just said, ‘Mate, I’m in a foul mood, just give me 10 minutes,’ we would have."
This isn't the first time Brett and Kristy have courted controversy on The Block this season.
Last week, the couple admitted that they deliberately tried to sabotage fellow contestants Steph and Gian by convincing them to add extra beams to their ceiling.
They also accused the crew of giving sisters Eliza and Liberty 'special treatment'.
"Liberty and Eliza get gifted everything, every week. I don’t know how they’ve blown out their budget because they get given money every single day,” Kristy said during a piece to camera.
“They get everything handed to them on a silver platter, ‘You woke up this morning! Here’s $500.’ You know what? We’ll get a handout every fucking day of the week, then we’ll be sweet.”
A producer then stepped in and reassured the couple there was no favouritism between the teams.
“I don’t need reassurance. If this is how we feel then this is how we feel,” Brett replied.
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